Did I forget? Yes. Did I still have 50 minutes of Thursday left to pen and post this? Yes. So here we go. If it feels like I’m not making sense it’s because I rushed through this like crazy. I need to start scheduling these things. Anyway we have friends to lovers trope for this weeks romance theme. Friends to lovers is not as tasty as enemies to lovers but it’s still sweet. Though again, I like the contrast more than I like the sweet progression from friends to lovers but why am I spending so much time on this when I only have 48 minutes of Thursday left. Here we go.

3. LOVE, ROSIE (2014)

This is not the perfect movie but it’s definitely better than its ratings. Love, Rosie is about best friends and while Lily Collins doesn’t deserve a Golden Globe nomination for Emily in Paris she does get props for this role. I liked it. Sam Claflin is also good in this and there’s a bit of charm to this. I don’t love it to bits but I don’t hate it either. And for the romance genre “not hating it” is basically a win in my book these days.

2. SHE’S THE MAN (2006)

This is a strange one because I know it’s not the best but it’s also one of my all time favourites. Amanda Bynes stars as Viola who sets out to prove that she’s just as good in soccer as boys. So she pretends to be a boy and enlists into a different school and joins the football team there. Her roommate? Young Channing Tatum (showing off his comedic skills already) who thinks she’s a boy. Friends to lovers works here because well, Channing thinks Amanda’s a boy. Is it far fetched? Nah, I think it works. If not, the usage of that gif above made this mistake oh so worth it. (Not a mistake, it works, trust me).


This has Timothy Olyphant.. need I say more? I mean honestly, this is great. Again it deserves a bit more credit than its rating and I’ve already defended it during Against the Blogathon. It’s not your typical friends to lovers trope because the male love interest isn’t necessarily a friend in the beginning. He is sort of the main characters fiancés friend. It still counts because there’s friendship vibes between them at the start but she’s also not diving straight into romance after her fiancés death. Anyway… Tim is in it, that’s all you need to watch this. Oh by the way, there are spoilers in this weeks post? Didn’t I mention it in the beginning? No.. oh well.

PS: And we made it with 25 minutes to spare!




  • I’m with you – enemies to lovers is the ultimate <3
    I haven't seen any of your picks! How young does Channing Tatum look in that gif though?!

    • Oh he is quite young but it’s post Step Up so not that young. It’s a great introduction to his comedic skills for sure, he has some great moments in She’s the Man.

    • Channing is so funny in that one! Amanda Bynes as well.. it’s silly but I think if you go in for simple entertainment, it shall deliver! 😀

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