It feels like the only way I can tell the difference between weeks is thanks to Thursday Movie Picks. Days fall into one and the stress of the entire year and a month on top is truly getting to me now. Work is not easy at the moment either which is just an added stress on top. BUT that is not what we are talking about today, we are talking about psychological Thrillers! I for one am not the biggest fan of these movies but when one clicks I love it a lot. Psychological thriller isn’t just something I look out for on purpose though. Anyway, I thought of this theme and I figured I’d pick three movies without even looking at Google for help. So if they don’t really fit the theme… blame the stress. I’m sure it’s at fault somehow.

3. PRISONERS (2013)

This is one of those thriller movies for me where I vaguely remember what was happening. Not sure if I wasn’t paying attention or the movie bored me but there’s not much I remember. It could be the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal combo that distracted me though… I guess we’ll never know.

Anyway, Hugh’s character is looking for his daughter and her friend. It’s quite well received so it’s good. But again, I can’t remember much. I just desperately wanted a theme within a theme and felt like I’ve praised Enemy way too much already. Do you see where this week’s theme is going?


Well it was obvious. Have I done Jake Gyllenhaal as a theme within a theme yet? If I have and I apologise. It was just the first beard guy I could remember. Also Jake has a lot of thrillers in his filmography in my opinion. He has a knack for these dark, psychological thrillers that mess with your mind.

Here he shares the screen with this year’s Oscar nominated Riz Ahmed.Truly an amazing combo. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. I myself am certain that after starting a job in the media field, this movie will hit different. Also with the current times… this will hit differently… psychologically.

1. ZODIAC (2007)

Last but not least my favourite psychological thriller. Is it really? Probably. If that ending does not mentally fuck you up I don’t know what does. As many of you probably already know Zodiac is based on true events. It deals with the Zodiac killer who was never caught and who sent cyphers to the papers. Most cyphers haven’t been solved.

They just recently (I say recently but since the past year has been a huge blob it could be 2020 May or 2021 January at this point) solved a cypher. Which is pretty exciting. Also I love this David Fincher so much. I love the dark vibes, the lingering shots, it’s just amazing. I miss this Fincher. Also I just realised that I think for me psychological thrillers all have a very similar visual style too. I like that a lot.




  • I was in love with this week’s theme already, it’s my go-to genre, but then you made it Jake Gyllenhaal themed and now I’m smitten! LOVE all 3 of these movies, I’ve never forgotten that final scene in Prisoners.

  • I’m always up for a Jake theme within the theme I just wish I liked some of the films you chose as much as I like him, though they definitely fit well within the larger theme.

    Of the three the only one I can truly say I thought well of is Zodiac. To say I liked it is stretching things, it’s far too dark and upsetting for that, but it held me rapt when I saw it in the theatre. I’ve never really felt any pull to see it again though.

    As for the other two, Prisoners has an unbeatable cast but I disliked it intensely. But my feeling for it is mild next to my utter loathing for Nightcrawler, I can think of few movies I’ve detested as much.

    Mine don’t have a definite theme within the theme though they is at least one crazy person (actually many more) in each one!

    The Baby (1973)-Recently widowed social worker Ann Gentry (Anjanette Comer) is given the case of the Wadsworth family: raspy-voiced Mrs. Wadsworth (Ruth Roman in a wonderfully complex performance), her two very strange adult daughters Alba and Germaine (Suzanne Zenor & Mariana Hill), and her 21-year-old son Baby (David Mooney) whom they have kept infantilized to the point that he still lives in a crib and diapers. Discovering that Baby’s condition isn’t physiological but rather a result of abuse and neglect Ann tries to intercede, but Mrs. Wadsworth is having none of it. Thus begins a battle that escalates to extremes as Mrs. Wadsworth fights to keep control and Ann insists that she’s only interested in Baby’s best interests…. but is she?

    Shock Corridor (1963)-In pursuit of a Pulitzer Prize ambitious reporter Johnny Barrett (Peter Breck) feigns madness and has himself committed to an insane asylum to investigate and solve a recent murder sure it will win him the award. But once inside the rigors and horrors of confinement lead him to slowly lose his grip on reality. Lurid by necessity but director Sam Fuller keeps a firm hand preventing the film from slipping into exploitation.

    Shutter Island (2010)-In the 50’s two Federal Marshals, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), enter the peculiar dream like world of Ashecliffe Hospital, an insane asylum located on the remote, windswept Shutter Island, to investigate an apparent escape from the seemingly impenetrable skerry. As a hurricane engulfs the madhouse the men and in particular Teddy begin to question all they know as both their safety and sanity are imperiled. Top-flight Scorsese uses a very effective fractured version of the great Dinah Washington song “This Bitter Earth” to maintain the film’s edgy vibe all the way through the credits.

    • I’ve seen Zodiac more than once, I watched it multiple times in a row even. Not it’s been a few years but I gravitate towards it a lot. No idea why. Nightcrawler has its haters yes, but I think I just like those types of movies that.. stir the peace in a way.

      Shutter Island is a pick I’ve seen here and I liked it a lot. That movie has some absolutely stunning visuals that upon a closer look are much more darker. I love that.

  • Love the Jake theme 😀

    It’s kinda funny what you said about Prisoners because I loved the film and yet I can barely remember what it was about. I guess it is not a memorable film.

    • I mean the vibe is dark and broody so I know I like it but what it is about…. like scene from scene. No idea, wiped from my memory lol.

  • I haven’t seen the first film but want to since I love Hugh Jackman. I don’t like Nightcrawlers at all. It has very ugly, disagreeable characters that I had no interest in. Zodiac is a bit long but really good and it is a shame they have not caught this vile human being yet.

    • I love ugly characters, I like serial killer documentaries too so I guess that sort of thing just works for me. Zodiac’s mystery remains a mystery indeed.. but I mean, I’m sure he’s now dead most likely. And they did catch the Golden State killer so there’s sill hope in a way!

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