Another week of me trying to figure out my recommendations before giving up. You see, for me these very specific themes always are the hardest because I really haven’t seen that many films. With my no-double-recommendations rule as well, it sometimes sort of narrows me to a very tight squeeze. Like this week with the private eye theme. Anyway, that is the reason today’s post is like an uphill journey. Starts with the bad, ends with the good.


Now, let me make this clear, the Veronica Mars series is pure gold! Favourite since my teenage years and I have only fond memories of it. Veronica works her own investigations after having learned from her private eye father. The show is filled with fantastic high school mystery cases. Also, a great relationship in the midst of all that drama! The BEST! The film is less fun. It feels rushed and messy, a bit small-budget too which would be fine in a television show setting. But the film tries to be a movie, struggles with its screen time and falls short. Still love Veronica Mars as a character though. Also, I’m team Logan in case anyone wonders.


Again a little bit disappointed at this film. For me, it’s the start of Guy Ritchie’s downfall. A film that tries to be something great, but is average. Sure, it’s fun, the bromance between Downey Jr. and Law is absolutely amazing! But there’s just not enough in this film. It needed to be a little bit more memorable, which I guess it might have been for some. Just not for me. There’s also something disappointing about Ritchie loosing his special something. To using a lot of CGI. Wasn’t excited for it then, not excited for it now either. Now will somebody please remind me what the plot of this one was? Cause honestly, I can’t remember AT ALL!


Finally, the one that’s the best of the list. While the first viewing of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Fincher wasn’t my favourite, it grew on me. After multiple viewings, I was starting to appreciate its entire package! The style, the script, the cinematography, the acting – it’s one of Fincher’s finest. I wish they had instead made a sequel to this rather than remaking it again. With Foy? Why? I mean, not the biggest Rooney Mara fan but she was born to play Lisbeth Salander. Plus, do you remember the promotional shoots? The poster? Hot stuff.




  • I thought this version of Sherlock Holmes corrupted the very idea of that character but taken on its own as an action film with a reworked lead it was pleasant enough time passer, certainly better than the sequel. Mark Strong makes a good villain always.

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a chilly film, I haven’t read the novel yet but my sister said that is very much the feeling of the book as well, I enjoyed it when I saw it in the theatre but haven’t watched it since.

    I never watched the Veronica Mars series so obviously I didn’t catch the film.

    Love this type of film and had dozens of choices but managed to get it down to four.

    The Maltese Falcon (1941)-Private eye Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) takes on the case of the beautiful, secretive Ruth Wonderly (Mary Astor). When Miss Wonderly is revealed to be Brigid O’Shaughnessy trouble begins. Sam’s partner is murdered and he is accosted by Joel Cairo (Peter Lorre) who demands he locate a valuable statuette which is being pursued by others including the Fat Man (Sydney Greenstreet). Entangled in a dangerous web of crime and intrigue Sam soon realizes he must find the one thing they all seem to want: the bejeweled Maltese falcon. This fourth version of the story is proof that remakes aren’t necessarily bad things but you should stop once you get it right.

    Murder, My Sweet (1944)-P.I. Philip Marlowe (Dick Powell) is working what he thinks are two minor cases but suddenly someone is dead and he discovers they are dangerously connected. As he is drawn deeper into a complex web of machinations by the mysterious Helen Grayle (Claire Trevor), Marlowe finds his own life in increasing jeopardy.

    Harper (1966)-Struggling private eye Lew Harper (Paul Newman) takes a simple missing-person case that quickly spirals into something much more convoluted. Elaine Sampson (Lauren Bacall), recently paralyzed in a horse-riding accident, wants Harper to find her missing oil baron husband, but her stormy teenage stepdaughter Miranda (Pamela Tiffin) thinks Mrs. Sampson knows more than she’s letting on. Fun detective film with Newman at his coolest and a loaded supporting cast-beside Bacall it includes Julie Harris, Shelley Winters, Janet Leigh and Robert Wagner.

    Chinatown (1974)-When Los Angeles private eye J.J. “Jake” Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to investigate her husband’s activities he believes it’s a routine infidelity case. Jake’s investigation soon becomes anything but routine when he meets the real Mrs. Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) and realizes he was hired by an imposter. Mr. Mulwray’s sudden death sets Gittes on a tangled trail of corruption, deceit and sinister family secrets as Evelyn’s father (John Huston) becomes a suspect in the case. Dark, complex and twisted with amazing performances and flawless direction by Roman Polanski this is a great film.

  • It s a travesty that we didnt get a proper dragon tattoo sequel. I remember that marketing it was awesome! We need Fincher to make a new movie its ridiculous how long it has been

  • I never saw Veronica Mars but I love The Sherlock Holmes movies and found it unique. I thought of using Sherlock Holmes just as a theme from Basil Rathbone’s portrayal to Peter Cushing and Christopher Plummer to Robert. The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo is excellent and I loved Rooney Mara in this role even though, when I see her on the red carpet, she needs to smile more.

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