It was pure coincidence that I watched the Trial 4 docuseries on Netflix which is about some corrupt police detectives right before writing this. Trial 4 made me super angry because I get frustrated at the justice system for making mistakes and then going out of their way to cover those mistakes up. Anyway, in the light of my frustration towards police detectives I picked a theme within a theme. Here are three movies about police detectives that are led by Black actors. They also happen to gradually jump genres, starting from comedy to dark comedy to a dark drama. Not sure why I keep making my lists more complex and explaining them… let’s just dive in.


I can’t believe this movie is 37 years old… I feel old. Eddie Murphy was the 80’s and 90’s go to actor for comedies. And honestly I am not mad about it. His Axel Folley character in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise is one that I have fond memories of from my childhood. I haven’t watched this nor the sequels in ages but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy them. By the way, did you remember it was NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR!  It got the Best Screenplay nod but lost to Places in the Heart (tbh I have never even heard of this one). Now I feel like I need to revisit Beverly Hills Cop again.


Saw this one on the big screen.. remember those days, when you watched a new release in a theatre that smelled of popcorn and every once in a while somebody would need to be hushed for talking. I miss those times. That being said BlacKkKlansman was something that I expected to be more fun. Went in expecting a pure comedy but it was more dark comedy and not so much a comedy at all. While I love John David Washington here and Adam Driver as well, it’s not my favourite and I don’t see myself revisiting this one soon. It’s just way too long.

1. 21 BRIDGES (2019)

Last but not least a Chadwick Boseman movie to tie it all together. I saw 21 Bridges last year and while it wasn’t the best movie out there it’s still a decent watch. It’s entertaining to a certain extent and Boseman shines.. which is obvious. The fact that Boseman gave Sienna Miller part of his salary still makes me teary. Why are all the assholes alive and such pure people taken away way too soon. Anyway 21 Bridges, a black detective hunts for cop killers and discovers corruption.




  • Love your theme within a theme, cause I am currently also not too peeved about most police efforts. But I just struggled with that theme in general, cause I just don’t tend to watch a lot of crime related movies?

    • Thank you. After all those true crime shows about the police fcking up I’ve also been a bit hesitant to do a thee of them. I like crime in true crime context ususally.

  • I felt the same way about BlackKklansman! The trailer made it seem much more of a comedy than it turned out to be so I was a bit disappointed but it was still a good watch. That ending too!

  • Interesting way to go. Beverly Hills Cop may be my favorite Eddie Murphy film. It’s certainly one of the ones where he is at his most relaxed and appealing and the film itself is just a fun ride.

    I’ve heard of BlackkKlansman and it’s on my to see list but I haven’t gotten there yet. 21 Bridges is one I don’t know but it sounds worth checking out.

    While there are a lot more private eye movies than police detective ones there are still a bunch of them so I also came up with a theme within the theme (actually a couple of them) for mine as well.

    Serpico (1973)-Based on the autobiographical book of the same name this looks at honest NYPD cop Frank Serpico (Al Pacino) and his struggles against the corruption that permeated the department in the 60’s and his ultimate role of whistleblower after earning his detective shield. Gritty drama anchored by Pacino’s Oscar nominated performance captures the feeling of a grimy corruption plagued New York City.

    Brannigan (1975)-Chicago police detective Jim Brannigan (John Wayne) hops a plane to England to extradite American gangster Ben Larkin (John Vernon). His brash ways clash with the more reserved British methods of Scotland Yard Commander Swann (Richard Attenborough) but when Larkin is kidnapped before Brannigan can take him into custody rough and tumble cop takes off on a manhunt through the streets of London assisted by Detective Sergeant Jennifer Thatcher (Judy Geeson). Fun actioner was one of the Duke’s final films, the fresh locale invigorating his performance.

    Stone (1974)-In 70’s Australia members of the biker gang The GraveDiggers witness a political assassination while under the influence of hallucinogenics and shortly afterwards begin to be killed one by one. Police detective Stone (Ken Shorter) goes undercover within the gang to try and ferret out the killer. He bonds somewhat with the members but when he uncovers a conspiracy, he must make a choice between his job and loyalty to the gang. VERY 70’s film is more concerned with footage of motorcycles, skinny dipping and exploitation than telling a really cohesive story.

    • I think this was pretty early on in Eddie’s career so he does seem like just somebody who wants to be there. I really want to rewatch it now.

  • I love Beverly Hills Cop and saw it in the theatre when it came out. It was huge which brought on 2 more sequels. They are fun to watch. I like Blackkklansman and never thought of it as a comedy. I thought it was going to be something unique and funky and it was. Sometimes, I have been “fooled” by the trailers and become disappointed with the film. Once the memory fades about what I thought the film was going to be, I watch it again and am usually much happier the second time I see it because I am not carrying in preconceived notions. I have not seen the last film but I love Chadwick Boseman and was very, very sad when I heard about his death. It was …is to soon.

    • Ah that makes sense about Blackkklansman but I don’t have time to watch it again… and I still remember that I expected it to be a comedy.
      Boseman’s passing was.. too shocking. Similar to Ledger and Yelchin, it hurt so much and maybe even more because it was just a really bad year and his death just broke me down.

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