There is a sense of deja vu with this theme because just recently, in October, we had theme for period drama horrors. For that I picked three Mia Wasikowska’s movies. Now it’s period dramas again and I’m feeling like I have run out of Wasikowska movies so… you’re getting a random selection today. Well, almost random – all these period dramas are directed by women.

3. THE BEGUILED (2017)

Just recently Margaret over at Cinematic Corner rewatched it and her review brought back bitter memories for me. Not only did I sprain my ankle pretty badly before the movie, I also suffered through the movie. And no, not just physical pain but also mental. I know I shouldn’t hate on a female director but guys, I have yet to see a Sofia Coppola movie I liked. Her’s are boring, too many shots of trees in the breeze and just… where was Colin Farrell’s butt in this!? Anyway, if you’re a Coppola fan, you might enjoy this more than I did. You can find more of my thoughts on this here.

2. EMMA. (2020)

This one surprised be… I expected not to like it as much because it has gotten mixed reviews but I thought it to be charming. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, Emma. sets to tell a funny story of a selfish woman putting her nose where it doesn’t belong. Anya Taylor-Joy is, like her name, a joy in this. She has the perfect face for period dramas. Johnny Flynn is also great to watch and that one scene in particular (where he was frustrated on the floor) stole the movie for me. I did give it only three cups (like The Beguiled) since the first half was super dull but my ratings have become more strict in recent years. Anyway, not Pride & Prejudice but still good. More of my thoughts here.

1. LITTLE WOMEN (2019)

There is no surprise here that Little Women is the best of the three today. I was hesitant to watch this but I did (oh by the way, this and The Beguiled were mom-daughter cinema trips) enjoy it. Timothée Chalamet will always have a little piece of my heart and I think he is a strong actor. He and Saoirse Ronan can do no wrong in my book. But Little Women is filled with strong performances (not looking at you Emma Watson) and Greta Gerwig’s gentle touch elevates even the tiniest moments. This by the way is the only Little Women adaptation I’ve seen… Not sure I want to see the others because it would make this one feel less special.




  • I still haven’t seen Emma. but since I’ve read pretty good reviews and I’m liking the novel more than Pride and Prejudice I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Gerwig’s Little Women is the only adaptation I’ve seen (I’m yet to read the novel though) and it’s so good I would even bother with the others. Coppola’s… well I’ll just said that it’s so bad I forgot it existed lol

    • I haven’t read Emma. nor Pride & Prejudice so I can’t comment on the adaptions but I still have a softer spot for Pride & Prejudice. 😀

    • Ugh, it’s a shame you didn’t get to see it in the theatre but hopefully you’ll see it soon!

  • Well I’ve seen a version of all three of your choices just not the ones you’ve selected!

    I liked but didn’t love the original Clint Eastwood version of The Beguiled and that had Geraldine Page and Elizabeth Hartman as additional draws this one had Kidman and I am NOT a fan plus I agree about Sofia Coppola films. There’s talent there but it doesn’t translate for me.

    Likewise I am not a Paltrow fan but her version of Emma was the only film she’s made that I both liked and thought she was decent in. The new one didn’t look that promising so I skipped it.

    I’ve think I’ve seen every possible version of Little Women but this one and will get to it eventually.

    I decided to go with the Roman period for mine today.

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966)-Inspired by the farces of the ancient Roman playwright Plautus this hilariously tells the bawdy story of slave Pseudolus (a great Zero Mostel) “the lyingest, cheatingest, sloppiest slave in all of Rome” as he attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master woo the girl next door. Based on the stage play of the same name this has terrific songs and an excellent cast (including Buster Keaton in his last role) but it’s Mostel repeating his Tony winning performance who makes it so special.

    Julius Caesar (1953)-Adaptation of the Shakespearean play based on actual events. Brutus (James Mason) convinced by a group of Roman senators led by Caius Cassius (John Gielgud), that friend Julius Caesar (Louis Calhern) intends to dissolve the republic to install himself as monarch joins a conspiracy to assassinate him. Once done he defends his actions but Mark Antony (Marlon Brando) responds with a speech that plays upon the crowd’s love for their fallen leader and a battle for power begins. High quality film with an impressive cast including Greer Garson, Deborah Kerr and Edmond O’Brien aside from those mentioned with Brando, forsaking his method mumbling for straight verse strong as Mark Antony.

    The Last Days of Pompeii (1935)-Pegs a fictitious story onto the big blow. Blacksmith Marcus (Preston Foster) consumed with bitterness upon the death of his wife and child becomes a gladiator and Pontius Pilate’s (Basil Rathbone) partner before finding Christ in the days leading up to the Vesuvius eruption. Some impressive, for its day special effects when the mountain finally ruptures.

    • Let me know if you see Gerwig’s Little Women, I’m interested to see how this adaptations works for someone who is familiar with the other adaptations.

  • The Beguiled is on my watch list. I hope it’s not as draggy as The Virgin Suicides. Sofia Coppola’s films are hard to get into. Emma was all right; I think no matter how many renditions of this I watch (with the exception of Clueless), I wouldn’t really love it because I don’t like the story. Little Women was wonderful.

    • Ugh, I don’t think none of Coppola’s films aren’t draggy to be honest. 😀 Clueless is a good way to adapt Emma. I think it works well in a more current time period.

  • I’ve had Emma in my Netflix queue for a while but I haven’t gotten the DVD yet. I was trying to read it, but then had to stop. Hopefully I enjoy the film better. I like your other two picks as well!

  • I have not seen the first pick and still want to see the original. I, like you, find her a bit of a bore. I have seen Paltrow’s version of Emma which I really liked so I would like to see this version as I I did like Emma even with Paltrow. I have seen the 1933 and 54(??) version of Little Women and thought Katherine Hepburn was excellent as Jo. I think Little Women take s the cake this week. I want to watch all the versions of Little Women and compare them..

    • I haven’t seen the original either and now I feel like I don’t want to. Watching all the Little Women seems like a challenge I’m not really ready for. 😀

  • You don’t even like The Virgin Suicides?
    I haven’t seen this Emma, but I love the Austen’s Emma and the 2009 BBC TV adaptation with Romola Garai in the title role. It was so funny and charming.
    And I’ll be watching this Little Women soon.

    • I saw that ages ago and I don’t remember much… I think I didn’t like it. 😀
      I need to watch other versions of Emma too… but also, I don’t want to really. 😛

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