This the season to party… no matter how intimate, how wild, with co-workers or with strangers, December usually means parties. In some way or the other, everyone has had or will have at least one party this month, even if it’s a at-home-in-pjs-drinking-wine-alone kind of party. So here are three movies for inspiration that showcase some form of enthusiastic parties and party goers.


When I saw the theme this week, I thought Pride & Prejudice would be the perfect recommendation. It features multiple parties, it has some very enthusiastic party planners and attenders, and even though it takes place in the past, the party scenes, in a way, are timeless. Oh how I sometimes wish parties these days would be a little less wild and a little bit more refined.


Who would have guessed at the beginning of that year that Spring Breakers would end up in many Best Movies of 2012 lists!? I think so many of us were genuinely surprised how this colourful, on drugs and over the top take on spring break, will be a surprising cinematic hit with a stand out performance by James Franco.


This documentary follows the preparations for the opening of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibition “China: Through Looking Glass”. And as we all know, the opening day is a party like no other, filled with famous guests and outrageous outfits. Though not much partying is shown, the behind the scenes preparations of this big party is definitely worth a watch on their own.



  • Nice variety of picks. I LOVE this version of Pride & Prejudice and the series of parties/gatherings is a novel way of viewing it. Everyone one is wonderful in the film but this story rises or falls on its Lizzie and Mr. Darcy and Keira Knightley and Matthew McFayden are perfectly matched.

    Haven’t seen Spring Breakers and James Franco isn’t enough to pull me in but that documentary definitely sounds worth checking out.

    Although one of mine is a stretch party-wise I couldn’t resist the link and I toss a summery title in at the end to alleviate the cold a little that has gripped my part of the country. Happy Holidays!

    The Wild Party (1975)-On the skids Hollywood silent comic star Jolly Grimm (James Coco) is hoping that an elaborate party he’s throwing with the aid of his mistress (Raquel Welch), capped by the showing of his new film, will reignite his career. The party starts well but quickly spirals out of control ending in tragedy. This was loosely based on the notorious Fatty Arbuckle case. Welch and Coco are both excellent.

    The Wild Party (1956)-The wild party of the title is a kidnapping by a group of losers that becomes the ultimate bad night. “Kicks” Johnson, a hepcat ivory tickler (Nehemiah Persoff) who needs cash cause being broke for a living, “just ain’t cool for a jazzman”, Tom Kupfen, a former pro-football player (Anthony Quinn) reduced to rolling drunks for a few bucks, the trampy Honey (Kathryn Grant) Tom’s last hanger-on from his glory days- in need of cash to pay the rent who says of herself “I have 40,000 miles on me” plus a knife happy, small time con-man, Gage Freeposter (Jay Robinson) on the run from Johnny Law go looking for a score. Freeposter cruises an upscale jazz club “The Fat Man” where the “real cats swing” in search of a mark or two. They find a rich couple (Carol Omart and Arthur Franz) and entice them to an abandoned amusement park where things quickly go wrong. Loaded with 50’s hipster lingo and a primo jazz score.

    The Wild Party (1929)-A group of young women at a girls college are more interested in attending wild parties than studying for their classes. After being kicked out of one such party one of the girls, Stella Ames (Clara Bow), gets into a bad situation in a bar where one of her professors James Gilmore (Fredric March) has to save her. Gossip about the two spreads and Stella has to act fast to save both their reputations. Bow is at her “It Girl” best.

    Summer Throwback Bonus-Beach Party (1963)-It’s the original gathering of Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Deadhead, Eric Von Zipper and the whole beach party gang! This one has a bit more story than usual with anthropology professor Robert Orwell Sutwell (Robert Cummings) and his secretary Marianne (Dorothy Malone) studying the sex habits of teenagers. Not that they’re having any real sex just singing and dancing to Dick Dale and the Del Tones and surfing of course.

    • Thanks! I think Pride & Prejudice is my favourite period movie so far. I’ve seen it so many times. Oh and I recommend the documentary full heartedly! The behind the scenes struggles and concepts and how the whole idea came to be, is so interesting to witness.

  • Pride &a Prejudice is a great choice! You are so right that this fits perfectly. I haven’t seen the other two but I would love to see the documentary which is another great choice.

  • Never had the desire to see Springbreakers….might have been the cast that put me off. But yes to P&P!
    Haven’t seen The First Mnday in May but after seeing the September Issue I was intrigued by it.

    • I was very curious of it when I heard of it, and I mean, I have a thing for James Franco, so I went to see it.. it was so worth it! I was also interested in 1stMondayinMay because of The September Issue, it’s not as great but it still gives a pretty good insight into the fashion industry, and how it isn’t art for the art world.. though it should imo.

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