Music has never been in a more important place in my life than these past months. So I tried to do this theme justice this week and I went with songs that I think EVERYONE knows and has heard at least once. If not.. you must have been living under a rock for sure.  But let’s dive right into my three picks that all won the Best Original Song Oscar. They are also from the last decade AND they are all sung by women (sorta).

3. SKYFALL by Adele for SKYFALL

In 2012 Adele won the Oscar for Skyfall, a song that surprise-surprise was the theme song of Skyfall, the 23rd Bond movie. To be completely honest I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie but the song still rings in my years. It’s such a good moody song! It fits Daniel Craig’s Bond so well in my opinion! I also picked this as one of my recommendations because I think this song was everywhere. It’s also something that all three of my picks have in common. Songs that go beyond the movie itself. (Honestly I don’t think I can even say I’ve heard the Best Original Song winner of 2021.) On Youtube it has over 450 million views and there are comments from like a month, 2 weeks ago under that song. It surpassed the movie it was created for in my eyes.


I think that Let It Go winning in 2013 wasn’t a surprise winner. The song was EVERYWHERE! I honestly can say that I still quote it sometimes ironically. Which is understandable because this is a song that will haunt us in the nicest way possible forever. Idina Menzel might not be a name everyone knows (John Travolta definitely doesn’t know) but she is a powerhouse. And again I think though the movie was also good the song was just five steps ahead of it. 2,5 BILLION views on its sing-along video on Youtube is a proof of that. The other original video has over 500 million views. It was truly the heart of the movie. I don’t go back to it but I will forever recognise it and I think that in a way that’s a true testament to any good song. Oscar winning or not.


The newest Oscar winner in my list is another song that went beyond the movie in my opinion. This was everywhere and it was everything 2016 was all about. THIS was the Oscars… haha, okay I’m not entirely sure of that but you get the point. Shallow is technically a duet but I wanted to add it because I think it’s one of the best things Lady Gaga has ever done. It’s so good, from performance, to the writing, to the song itself. 1,1 BILLION views so far for its original video on Youtube. Basically I think everyone’s heard this song, and tried to belt that long note along with Gaga and probably failed miserably but after a bottle of wine you’ll do amazingly, trust me!




  • If I never hear Let It Go again it will be far too soon! You’re right it was everywhere for a while and I was heartily sick of it. That however doesn’t make it a terrible song, just overly familiar.

    My heart belongs to the 1950’s Judy Garland version of A Star is Born and her nominated (but not winning) song from it-The Man That Got Away. However this version was better than the godawful Streisand (LOVE her but hated the film) version they seemed to use as their model and Shallow is a decent song, well performed.

    Skyfall fits the film it was designed for but I never thought it was good enough to deserve an Oscar no matter how well Adele sang it.

    I saved Skyfall for last since it fits into my theme within the theme. All three of mine likewise share the name of their film as their title plus they all enjoyed success independently from the pictures scoring heavily on the Billboard charts.

    The Way We Were (1973)-Fiery, opinionated Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand) meets handsome goyish guy Hubbell Gardiner (Robert Redford) in college during the 30’s. While he admires her moxie and she his writing talent they move in different circles. As WWII is winding down, they meet again and despite their vast differences they fall in love and marry but those very differences eventually tear their relationship asunder. Both the film and the title tune by Marvin Hamlisch, Alan & Marilyn Bergman were gigantic hits, the Streisand’s recording of the song going to # 1 on Billboard as well as winning the Grammy as Record of the Year.

    The Days of Wine and Roses (1962)-Gut wrenching chronicle of young couple Joe & Kirsten Clay’s (Jack Lemmon & Lee Remick-both Oscar nominated) descent into blackout alcoholism. Fittingly for something so dark the title song by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer has a mournful quality but a soulful lilting beauty. Recorded by many artists it reached # 9 on the Billboard charts.

    The Joker is Wild aka All the Way (1957)-Joe E. Lewis (played by Frank Sinatra) was a rising singer on the Chicago nightclub scene of the Roaring Twenties until he angered a mob boss by switching clubs. In retaliation the mobster has Lewis’s throat cut, slashing his vocal cords and therefore his career. He slowly worked his way back as a comic over the next decade. Sinatra’s recording of All the Way written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn was so popular (# 2 on the Billboard charts) the film was retitled to match it upon re-release.

  • I can’t see Idina Menzel’s name anywhere without hearing Travolta’s voice saying “Adele Dazeem” now, haha!
    Anyone can hate on Frozen if they like but they can’t deny how amazing Let It Go is <3

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