To make this week a little easier for myself, I went with a theme within a theme again, and decided to pick movies from 2017 only. Last year was a pretty good movie year for me but there were still disappointments here and there (you can see my list of worst movies of 2017 here), but in this list, I’ll be sharing another four 2017 films I don’t want to watch again simply because… I just don’t care.


It’s not just lack of interest towards Hiddleston that will keep me away from Kong: Skull Island, it’s the lack of interest towards the big monster. Revamping the whole story line again, making it into a franchise – I’m not buying it and I won’t be watching it again.


I have nothing against Bruce Willis but Once Upon a Time in Venice is the dullest movie I’ve seen revolving around a plot that has action sequences. The fact that Jason Momoa is in it doesn’t save the movie from being dull, and the cute dog doesn’t save it either, it’s just the most boring film ever.

3. THE MUMMY (2017)

Another franchise opener, as well as a revamp of a franchise that was actually decent – The Mummy fails to deliver in all fronts except maybe the visuals but that’s not difficult nowadays. And while the movie tries hard to create a new monster-world, nothing really creates interest towards this supposedly adventures world. I definitely have no interest in seeing it again, even for that crazy plane scene.


Shocked? Well, I’m not because while I was also one of many who went to see The Beauty and the Beast in the theaters, I was also one of the few who disliked it. I didn’t like the way the story was told, I didn’t have any connection to the characters, and I wasn’t too fond of the Beast’s CGI either.  For me, it was a very mediocre film of a beloved fairy tale that was retold to earn a lot of money.





  • Oh I really disliked Skull Island… What happened with Hiddles, it died for me too. It’s odd after such intense hype around him a few years ago.

    Never even heard of Once Upon a Time in Venice, and The Mummy struck me as a loser from the start. I’m sad you didn’t enjoy Beauty and the Beast but like I’ve said before, after the hype for me it lost a bit of its charm… would rather rewatch the original !

    • No idea, he did the whole Taylor Swift thing and then he was dead to me.

      Nah, I don’t think I’ll even watch the original, more of a Cinderella girl myself. 😀

  • Yikes I’ve seen none of these though I guess I could consider myself lucky since you’re indifferent to them.

    LOVED the Rachel Weisz/Brendan Fraser Mummy and saw no reason for a redo then add that freaking Cruise douche into it and I was out. With Beauty and the Beast I’ll just go with the 40’s French version and consider myself good. The others don’t really appeal to me.

    I didn’t theme it out this week but my first just screamed out for inclusion in this particular group despite the fact its not much of a film the others I liked but won’t watch again.

    Once is Not Enough (1975)-Oh but it most certainly was…more than enough to be frank!! Based on the theme I couldn’t resist but this terrible film based on a trashy Jacqueline Susann novel about a naïve selfish and rather stupid rich girl (Deborah Raffin) who becomes involved with an much older man (David Janssen) as a substitute for her obsession with her father (Kirk Douglas) is tasteless, crass and badly acted by everyone except Alexis Smith and Brenda Vaccaro (who somehow managed to rise above the muck and be nominated for Best Supporting Actress). For something so salacious it’s remarkably dull.

    La Ronde (1950) – Max Ophuls’s venerated roundelay of a circle of love affairs, some serious some frivolous in 1900 Vienna is a supposed mad whirl of joie de vivre. I love many other of Ophuls’s films, Letter from an Unknown Woman, The Earrings of Madame de… & The Reckless Moment among them, so I was really looking forward to this film but while I didn’t hate it I found it rather silly and too frou-frou to take seriously and can’t see myself returning to it again.

    Moonrise Kingdom (2012)-Two youngsters fall in love and run away together which leads a search party to set out for them while they have quirky adventures. I know I’ll probably take heat for this one and maybe it’s because Wes Anderson films by and large leave me cold but while others were telling me how charming and lovely this was I thought it was forced, trying too hard for a feeling of whimsy. Again I didn’t hate it but I had a big feeling of So What? at the film’s conclusion.

    • Well, that’s good I guess.
      You know, I loved Moonrise Kingdom and I’m sure I’ll watch it again someday. I love the colours and the atmosphere, but out of Wes Anderson works, I think I more gravitate toward Fantastic Mr. Fox or the Hotel one. 😀

  • I haven’t seen any of those films though I did see bits of Kong: Skull Island on HBO where there were a lot of changes to the aspect ratio that I heard wasn’t intended by the director. That is off-putting as I don’t think I’ll see it unless it is presented in its proper form.

    • I don’t know about the aspect ratio but the movie itself wasn’t as entertaining for me. I’m not much for monster movies anyway, so I guess that might be also a factor but a good movie should break me out of my comfort zone nonetheless.

  • I think Kong Skull Island or Skull Kong Island is one I will watch once and than never see again. I have no desire to pay to see the remake of Beauty and the Beast but if its still free on Netflix I will give it a watch.

  • Jesus Christ, Once Upon a Time in Venice was horrible. Mad respect for Momoa for actually managing to be funny in it, him and the dog were the only good things there

  • I haven’t seen any of these but want to even though I know the6 will suck. I loved the original Kong and the Peter Jackson film. I love The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and find that one a great adventure film which didn’t need to be remade. I love…LOVE La Belle eat La Bette and find this the definitive version of the Beast. I also love the animated film so I figure this one will not be great.

  • Once Upon a Time in Venice I haven’t seen, but I disliked/hated the others, especially The Mummy. That movie was such a mess!

  • Not shocked about Beauty and the Beast – I thought it was terrible! I liked Gaston and Lafou and that was it. Also, quite alot of people hated this movie so its ok, you’re not alone.

    I also agree about Kong BUT after talking it over with a few other people who had seen it, we ended up laughing about it so may have the potential to be a good bad movie.

    • Woo, I only heard love around me so maybe I didn’t pay attention to the feedback enough!

      Won’t make it into my good bad movie list for sure. But I can see it having appeal to others.

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