The pressure is on, because this week’s theme is my second and last recommendation for this year’s Thursday Movie Picks. When I came up with this recommendation, I knew that I had to pick three good non-linear timelines for this list. Though I do have a sort of a negative comment towards one of the movies, it’s still a good movie. Check out which one I’m talking about!


This is the kind of movie you need to see more than once, more than twice… No actually, you should add a third go on top of those as well. Needless to say, this movie is a complex one right from the script to its theme to its cinematography. The acting is stellar but the way the story unfolds in the timeline is actually impressive. The plot follows the main character while his memories of her ex girlfriend are being erased. So we see fragments of his memory disappearing in a non-linear way, while he suddenly decides that he doesn’t want to loose these memories.

2. GONE GIRL (2014)

Alright, this doesn’t have a very messy non-linear timeline, but it does shift things around a little. The main story begins with a wife gone missing – and all the signs point to the husband. We follow that perspective for a while, until we are taken back in time to the wife’s perspective. This worked so well in the book, and it worked as well in the movie. We suspect the husband for the first half of the film, and then suddenly, we are thrown into a loop with the wife appearing on the screen! And well, this movie is badass because of its strong female character!

3. DUNKIRK (2017)

Last but not least, Dunkirk – which shows three perspectives in three different timelines. And this is where I need to clarify that I was partly very confused by this non-linear timeline. Mostly because the movie kept moving back and forth, and it didn’t seem to have a system with its shifts, and felt chaotic at times. Nonetheless, Dunkirk is a really good movie in terms of how it represents that historic moment. Tom Hardy looks good, and it has quite a few emotional moments as well. So I’m not crediting its messy timeline as a negative, just something that stood out among the otherwise well planned film.




  • I must be one of the few who hates Dunkirk from the messy way it was done to seeing brand new homes on the so called bombed out shore. I found it glitz without much more which is why so many young people seem to love this film. Gone Girl, on the other hand, is excellent! She is one crazy ass freak! I still need to see Spotless Mind but it is a popular one for today

  • Nice picks here! I agree that the timeline of Dunkirk is chaotic and initially distracting. What a bold choice that was for Nolan. But the moment all the timelines converge together… that justified the non-liner narrative for me. I love that damn movie.

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