It’s that time of the year again, where I have to shake up my brain and remember all the non-English films I have seen. Turns out, since these past few years I haven’t had the pleasure to mention them, I have a few French movies to recommend.

1. AMOUR (2012) 

Pretty sure I saw this Michael Haneke film in the cinema, and was struggling to hold back my emotions. I definitely cried a lot. This simple and quiet film has so much power and emotion. It’s about a retired couple, one of whom suffers a stroke and their entire life is changed. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s even more so because it feels so brutally real and it could happen to all of us.


This film made me cry a little but it also made me laugh. It’s a heartwarming story of an unlikely man becoming a caretaker, and it’s brilliant. The concept is simple, but the chemistry between the two main characters is what makes this movie special. It also has a lot more re-watchability over Amour. But that’s because it’s not as sad and depressing, and more light and happy.

3. TOMBOY (2011)

This is the movie I remember surprised me the most. Keep in mind, this came out 7 years ago, when sexual identity wasn’t yet a topic as widely discussed. And because it explored it through a character so young, it made it so much more empowering. Its theme is very current, and I only have fond memories of the leading performance.

PS: The movie doesn’t shy away from showing the main character topless, which out of context may sound a bit shocking. But honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind before I rewatched the trailer.




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