I’m on time! Last week was really hectic for me so I ended up posting my Thursday post on a Saturday instead. Whoops. You can find it here, I thought I was being really clever with that theme and it seems nobody has read it. That’s what I get on being so late. Anyway this week it’s about natural disasters but I went with the sci-fi theme here so I guess it’s more of an Earth disaster list instead. I hope you enjoy.


This is a really strange Chinese movie that is available on Netflix I believe. I watched it on a plane ride from US to Estonia a few years back. It is basically about moving Earth out of its orbit to do a disaster approaching. It’s not as good but it’s so crazy that you just have to see it. Part of it is still a bit unclear to me but just the idea of moving Earth is so insane that I had to include it in my list.

2. ARMAGEDDON (1998)

This movie needs no introduction, it’s about a meteor shower that is threatening the Earth. A crew is set out to destroy the asteroid and well everything else follows. It’s a little emotional and there’s some romance involved. So basically your typical blockbuster about saving the Earth.

1. SUNSHINE (2007)

Leaving the best to last Sunshine is about reigniting the Sun because it’s basically dying. Again something that is about saving the Earth again. Sunshine itself is a movie that I always know of but never really talk about. It’s a kind of movie that I feel like goes unnoticed though there’s essentially nothing super wrong about it. Gorgeous visuals too.




  • I have only heard of Armageddon and Sunshine! I had just started working at a movie theater when Armageddon came out and I remember how huge it was. I found it to be really entertaining myself.

  • Armageddon was big, loud and goofy but still fun in its gung-ho silliness.

    I liked but didn’t love Sunshine. Great visuals.

    I haven’t seen The Wandering Earth.

    I went with three that represent earth, wind and fire but aren’t specifically about the disasters.

    The Colossus of Rhodes (1961)-Soldier Darios (Rory Calhoun) arrives on the Isle of Rhodes during the Hellenistic period to finds King Serse (Roberto Camardiel) has commissioned a larger-than-life statue of Apollo (destined to be one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World) meant to protect the harbor. Upon meeting master builder Carete (Félix Fernández), who has been commissioned to erect the statue Darios falls in love with his daughter Diala (Léa Massari). Through their alliance Darios also becomes involved with Peliocles (Georges Marchal) and his rebel force who seek to overthrow the tyrannical king. As a revolt foments a massive earthquake lays waste to nearly all.

    Tornado (1943)-Coal miner Pete Ramsey (Chester Morris) has a whirlwind romance with rapacious showgirl Victory Kane (Nancy Kelly) who is passing through town and impulsively marries her. Social climbing Victory pushes Pete to work his way up in the company to enter a high tax bracket but still unsatisfied takes up with Gary Linden (Morgan Conway), the philandering son of the mine owner behind Pete’s back. As matters come to a crisis point the title tornado blows into town and coal isn’t the only thing to hit the fan.

    Red Skies of Montana (1952)-After a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of his crew smokejumper Cliff Mason (Richard Widmark), unable to recall the event, is fearful that cowardice might have been at fault. Though cleared though an investigation he is determined to prove himself again especially since one man’s son, Ed Miller (Jeffrey Hunter), suspects Cliff was responsible for his father’s death. When a canyon wildfire breaks out Ed pursues Cliff there for a confrontation but when they become trapped Cliff must take desperate measures to save them both.

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