There are actually quite a few shows that came to mind this week in relation to music. But the frustrating part is the fact that I mentioned most of them in this TMP Television Edition post. So instead, I had to narrow it down.. way way down… to a single musical episode or a moment! Because there’s nothing better than a surprise musical episode/moment in a non-musical show. And I bet half of you already know at least one of these I’m about to recommend!

1. Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade, Ally McBeal, S4 Ep 20

Let’s start with a blast from the past, shall we? We’re taking it all the way back to the early 00’s – to Ally McBeal. And man, was it hard to find a clip of this moment despite the fact that it’s still lodged somewhere in my brain. But I found it! It’s the infemous Robert Downey Jr moment where Larry, his character, sings Every Breath You Take for Ally’s birthday. And then Sting steps in! It’s just so good, smooth and… so memorable. Which is evident in the fact that this small moment is still somewhere in my brain. The show had other musical performances, it had, most likely, more epic moments, I’m sure, but this is my moment. This is my IT moment and it’s the musical moment I picked to start off the list. Also, doesn’t it feel like it’s about time to rewatch Ally McBeal?

2. Dummy, Pushing Daisies, S1 Ep 2

Alright, so Pushing Daisies is a show that is hard to put to words because it is so wonderful. Even more wonderful are the small moments when Kristen Chenoweth’s character Olive breaks into a song. There are more than one, which makes Pushing Daisies a good pick for this week in general. It’s not a musical per-say, but there are musical numbers here and there. One of my favourite moments is of course the Hopelessly Devoted to You in the second episode of the show. The green dress, the green floor, the DOG! That cute little dog, looking so adorable and of course Olive being so.. hopeless. And Chenoweth has an amazing voice, she’s so tiny yet so powerful.

3. Once More, With Feeling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S6 Ep 7

Now we go big! Now we go from one moment to the whole episode. Which is when we go into the musical episodes category. Where there’s only one epic episode that everyone should know and love. It’s the nearly perfect musical episode Once More, With Feeling brought to you by Buffy and the gang! It’s packed with memorable songs including I’ll Never TellWalk Through the Fire and Something to Sing About. But more importantly, it has Rest in Peace, which is just.. perfection from start to finish. Not just plot wise, not just the lyrics, it’s because of James Marsters. He delivers an undoubtedly perfect performance filled with angst and seduction. It’s one of the reasons why I love Spike so much. But definitely not the only reason! #TeamSpikeForever.




  • I absolutely adore the BtVS musical. Walk Through the Fire is probably my favorite but I do love Where Do We Go From Here as well! great picks.

  • Great list. You’ve made me want to rewatch Once More With Feeling tonight. Such a great episode and I totally agree with you #TeamSpikeForever

  • What a brilliant idea! I struggled a lot this week because I haven’t seen many series that fit the theme. I would have picked that How I Met Your Mother episode. I don’t remember the title

    • Hah, I had the same problem because we already did this theme and I picked all the ones I’d seen already. And I haven’t seen many others besides those. So if this theme comes up next time, I’m in trouble. 😀

    • Thank you, I like to twist the themes, as you know. But I also did this because I had nothing else to recommend. 😀

    • Thank you! You need to watch Buffy, you need to. Like, that’s a show you would love! I’m still on season 3 with my rewatch but I’m so ready to continue soon, with more time on my hands. Would love to have you join me on my journey. 😀

  • I love your take on this week’s theme. I never watched Pushing Daisies but maybe I will check it out once. I think I did see the episode from Buffy and thought it was fun but i did watch Ally McBeal all the time and they had many musical numbers but this was a good one. I forgot RDJ was in this show for a bit but I remember the scene quite well

    • Thank you so much! RDJ was briefly there, probably would have stayed on for longer but he was fired because this was the time he had drug problems.

  • I too was thinking about musical episodes before I made my picks but went with series instead.
    The Buffy episode is one I had seen but was too young to appreciate it. I was like…why are they singing?
    I vaguely remember Community having a musical episode.
    And of course Riverdale has one musical episode per season.

    • I would have picked shows too but I recommended all the ones I’ve seen last time already.
      I’m on my rewatch and I’m excited to get to the episode. It’s going to be a while though, I’m on season 3 atm.
      I still haven’t gotten past season 1 of Riverdale. Now it’s going to be hard to watch it too with the sudden passing of Perry.

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