Last week’s Thursday Movie Picks was parenthood, this week it’s muses. But since I’m selfish, I want to make this week all about myself and talk about the characters who inspired me to binge watch a movie. Because that’s how I’m translating this theme – somebody who makes you do silly things because you are so in awe. Anyway, my teen angst muses, ladies and gentlemen.

1. Javier Suarez  in DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS (2004)

Well, my Diego Luna fangirling begun many many years ago. Unfortunately, the movie itself isn’t that good but that didn’t stop my teenage self from watching this movie on repeat. Like, it’s not even funny, how much I was into this movie. I laugh at it now but damn, I was so into that dancing and weird dialog. If that doesn’t make Luna’s character into something muse-worthy, I don’t know what would. Honestly, I’m ashamed to admit that I liked this movie. It’s… dear lord, I was so weird.

2. Carlos Nuñez in CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL (2001)

For some reason, this is the movie that always comes to mind from my teenage years. A troubled, rich, white girl falls for a pool boy. And well, even though I’m one for the bad boys, I apparently also had a liking towards Latinos. Which, I mean, can you blame a girl? He was nice, caring and even though the main character was being absolutely annoying at times, he stuck around. I haven’t followed Jay Hernandez’s career very much but he’s still pretty popular. Especially in television shows.

3. Landon Carter in A WALK TO REMEMBER (2002)

Last but not least, probably my favourite muse from my teen years, Landon Carter. This character was not the start of my bad boy phase, but he sure as hell didn’t help to end it. Portrayed by Shane West, Landon just really crawled his way into my heart. The movie is super sad but I think I’ve cried over it for more than 10 times. That’s how committed I was to this character. Of course it helped that Shane West looks pretty darn good too, so you know, hormonal galore.




  • That’s a lot of young dudes 🙂 I never watched any of those but I think West was in Salem TV series I watched few episodes of.

    • They are all not young anymore. I think Jay is like 11 years older than me, so in his 40’s, and so is Shane and Diego will be 40 this year. They feel young because they were young back then. 😀

  • Interesting way to go with the theme. I’ve seen the second and third of these and of those A Walk to Remember was the one I enjoyed more though I haven’t watched either in ages.

    As opposed to the last couple of weeks there weren’t nearly as many choices for this theme but I did manage to find three that I liked.

    Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)-Griet (Scarlett Johansson) works as a maid for painter Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) with whom she shares a platonic friendship, a fact kept secret for fear of provoking the painter’s jealous wife, Catharina (Essie Davis). When Vermeer’s wealthy patron Van Ruijven (Tom Wilkinson) turns a lustful eye towards Griet he commissions a painting of her and Vermeer and Griet are obliged to spend long hours alone together as she becomes the muse for his most famous portrait.

    Camille Claudel (1988)-French sculptor Auguste Rodin (Gérard Depardieu) takes the precocious Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani) under his wing when he notices her raw sculpting talent and the two quickly begin a scandalous affair. Camille becomes Auguste’s muse and assistant, sacrificing her own work to contribute to his sculptures. However, when Camille’s work goes unrecognized and she desires attention of her own she is left alone and gradually spirals into mental illness. Not an easy film, these are deeply flawed and difficult people, but Adjani is electric in the lead and was deservedly nominated for an Academy award.

    Funny Face (1957)-Fashion photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) is searching for a new look and the next big style trend when he wanders into a Greenwich Village bookshop and discovers clerk Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn) who with a little pressure and persuasion he whisks off to Paris where she becomes his inspiration and muse….all set to the music of George and Ira Gershwin!

    • I had a lot of problems with this week’s theme because muses seems to be a very tight theme. Plus, I haven’t seen many muse-worthy movies.. haven’t seen any on your list. Plus, the one that I did come up with, I kind of want to fit that to another theme. Sometimes I use themes as just getting some mediocre films out there, since I’ve made a rule not to remention any of my mentions. I guess I have done a few rementions but not many, so it’s quite a difficult task I’ve set upon myself.

  • I am so late coming here. I have heard all the movies but haven’t seen any of them. I wouldn’t mind seeing A Walk to Remember. I have seen many pieces of Dirty Dancing and I wish Patrick Swayze was in the classic movie musicals but I can’t stick around long enough to see all of Dirty Dancing. As soon as I hear her name..Baby, I cringe.

    • Ah, but this is the Havana Nights, it’s the sequel, there’s nobody named Baby in it. Other cringe worthy things tho 😀

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