While I do love this theme for giving me a chance to hate on films I dislike, I’ve actually never walked out of a movie. I’ve thought about it but once I pay for something, I tend to see it through. But since I have had thoughts about walking out, I’ll go with films that I should have walked out of.


I could go with any of the films in the trilogy, all of which I saw at the cinema. But I’m going with the first because this started it all. After wasting 2 hours on it, I felt like I had wasted my whole life. But I have to give Fifty trilogy some credit because while extremely awful, all three films were hilarious. Hilarious because they were so so so bad. Like, people made this film, people agreed to make this film, people went to see this film (some more than once), and then they made two more films. It’s simply a cluster-f*ck of bad decisions, which for people like me, is entertaining to witness.


What was The Darkest Hour about? I couldn’t tell you because I spent most of the time thinking “why am I still here? and why does this movie exist?” Since I was at the cinema alone, I didn’t have anyone to turn to for support. I was bored out of my mind. This is also the film I was the closest to walking out of. I actually exited my seat, walked down a few steps, and then decided to give it another 10 minutes. By then, I was like, surely this can’t get any worse? It probably did because I saw it all and yet erased every memory of it, except this. I hated The Darkest Hour! I hated it so much that I still hate it. I also wrote a review about it 7 years ago, it’s pretty bad. But it’s still a lot better than this movie.


My worst movie of 2018 so far (because I’m keeping the list open until I see a few more movies), is Hotel Artemis. Cramped with skilled actors and actresses, filled to the prim with talent, one would assume it will be good. But what an awful result of a movie!? Hotel Artemis is dull, it lacks any thrill and it is simply a slow progression towards the end. With only one good action scene, the worst thing Hotel Artemis did, was being made at all. Now, I’m being harsh, but that’s what you get when you employ such big names. Drew Pearce, who wrote Iron Man 3, wrote this movie too. But I think it wasn’t just the script that was not working out for him, it was also the directing, a first for him. Based on Hotel Artemis, hopefully his last.




  • Ha! I forgot about The Darkest Hour. Thankfully I wasn’t in a cinema for that one but I stuck it out till the end because it was so bad it was actually entertaining in a weird way.

  • “Movies I SHOULD have walked out of” could be another category in its own! I’ve only seen 50 Shades which I watched drunk on HBO so thankfully I didn’t pay for it.

    • It could be! But I feel like then the list would be much much longer! πŸ˜€ I was also a bit tipsy during it, and the second, and the third…

  • Yeah, Fifty Shades was bad though I still haven’t seen the entirety of the last film of the trilogy as that 2nd one was just…. horrendous. The Darkest Hour I have seen on TV. Yes, that is a BAD movie. Poor Olivia Thirlby. So wasted in that film though thankfully her character didn’t die.

    • I think second Fifty was even worse but that’s because the author of the book had full control over the film.. I think during the first she had somebody to rain in the horrendous a bit.

  • This is an awesome list. I’ve never walked out, but I’ve fallen asleep (Not sure if that counts).

    The thought of you standing up and then sitting back down is HYSTERICAL. If i saw someone do that in a theater, I would ask them to be my friend IMMEDIATELY.

    • Falling asleep counts.. I think I’ve also almost dozed off a few times but not properly fallen asleep at the cinema. At home, it has happened but not often. πŸ˜€

      Haha, why is that hysterical? I don’t really get it but I accept it! πŸ˜€

  • Nice picks! I should’ve walked out of Fifty Shades, but there was a group of teenagers behind me making fun of it and I was slightly buzzed. So that made it worth to stay. lol

    • Oh well, I was also enjoying the mean looks from the lady beside me every time I laughed.. I was like, lady, I’m going to ruin this for you because you’re stupid enough to LIKE IT! πŸ˜€

  • You actually saw all the 50 Shades movies at the cinema?

    I had such a low expectations of the first movie because the book was just awful, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I have only seen the first film and you’re right it is quite funny.

  • Really enjoyed reading this. I had no idea Hotel Artemis was that bad! I was semi interested in that one, but who knows now.

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