This week’s theme is quite subjective so I’ll be surprised if there’ll be any matches. But then again, I’ve matched with weirder themes so I can’t state this with complete confidence. That being said this week’s theme took me a while to pin down because confusion can be approached differently. But movies don’t necessarily confuse me in a good way. Being confused is essentially about having a negative feeling about the movie. So is this week just my excuse to throw hate on some movies? Definitely! So don’t expect anything good from these “recommendations”. It’s basically a huge STAY AWAY post.

3. MOVIE 43 (2013)

Why the fuck does this movie exist? I haven’t even seen it all, just the beginning which was so bad that I still have nightmares. Movie 43 is also filled with stars, A-list actors and actresses, who were like, yes, this looks like A GOOD MOVIE!? No amount of money will justify this. Anyway.. it basically confuses me on multiple levels. The confusion is the amount of stupid decisions that were made to make this… and it just baffles me that it made a profit in the cinema!! Just wow… the people involved with this should be ashamed.


This is the only movie I’ve ever considered leaving the cinema for. I went to the bathroom in the middle and thought about not going back. I shifted in my seat and went closer to the exit like 3/4 through it. It’s the most god awful movie I could think of and I still remember parts of it. Which is confusing in the worst way possible. When will I ever forget this shit show?! And surprise surprise, it also made a profit at the box office.. almost double its 30+ million dollar budget. Absolute trash got to double its budget…. unforgivable.

1. SNATCHED (2017)

After seeing this movie I wrote “I hate Snatched more than I hate Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker combined because at least the latter made me laugh!”. I gave it no rating in my review because Snatched in my opinion didn’t deserve a rating. Haven’t thought about this movie in a long while BUT if I would have it would have caused me mental harm. I still don’t understand, so I guess it still confuses me, how a movie can make an actress like Goldie Hawn seem so unlikable. I guess it’s the power of Amy Schumer that just oozes onto everyone else around her. And again it made a profit!? Based on what.. I have no idea. So as you can see all three movies are awful and yet… people paid a lot of money to see them. Humanity confuses me.




  • When I first saw the cast list of Movie 43 I thought wow I have to make a point of seeing that….then I read the reviews and heard the feedback and dropped that idea completely.

    I’ve heard of The Darkest Hour but never had any desire to seek it out, that now seems like a very good decision.

    Oh my God Snatched was a horrible movie!!! I watched it for Goldie, it had been so long since she’d made a film so I was excited to see it and then I was sad that she was trapped in such a piece of trash. I desperately hope she makes another film so this train wreck isn’t her final picture!

    My first two are critic darlings that left me utterly cold and the last a jumbled mess that is rightly forgotten.

    Brazil (1985)-Some low-level flunky (Jonathan Pryce) in a world dominated by machines and technology spends his time daydreaming to escape his mundane existence leading to a muddled mess of confusion and ennui for the audience.

    Eraserhead (1977)-In the gloomy city Henry (John Nance) lives in a bleak apartment with his wife Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) a one night stand he knocked up. When the baby comes it’s a bizarre lizard-like creature that won’t stop wailing. Henry tries to find the reasoning behind this from the other tenants, including a disfigured lady who lives inside a radiator, but answers aren’t easy to come by. In my case they were impossible.

    Liquid Sky (1982)- An alien creature invades New York’s punk subculture in its search for an opiate released by the brain during orgasm or something like that, I’ll be damned if I could figure out what the point was or if this thing even had one!

  • Oh god…I’ve really tried hard to pretend Movie 43 doesn’t exist. I’ve watched it twice and it was somehow worse the second time. How on earth are there so many big names in that monstrosity?!

  • I’ve only seen The Darkest Hour and yeah, it’s shit. I feel bad for Olivia Thirlby for being in that film. I saw bits of Movie 43 and… I have no desire to finish the rest. I am not interested in anything with Amy Schumer as she’s not funny and just disgusting.

  • I like that you went with confusion in terms of how a movie got made, or made any profit! LOL I haven’t seen any of these but The Darkest Hour, which was awful. I like Trainwreck but more for Bill Hader and Lebron, so I’m not a huge fan of Schumer either. I have heard of Movie 43 but never watched! I really have no desire to.

  • I haven’t even heard about the first one. I heard about the second but know nothing about it. Snatched…ughhh, I tried watching it but it was a very confusing, very unfunny mess. The writing was horrible and those 2 had no chemistry. I actually turned the channel and stopped watching it. I like Goldie and hope she makes another film which will be much better than this crap. Amy Schumer is making tampon commercials now.

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