Ask me to recommend movies about musicians, easy. Ask me to recommend movies about writers, even simpler. Ask me to recommend movies about actors, I could do that. Ask me to list movies about dancers, I could do that in my sleep as well! Ask me to share movies about painters, and will sit in silence and contemplate on how limited my choices are. Granted, I know quite a few movies about painters, yet I have not seen those movies – and hence this vague list of movies about painters.


Musicals are the kind of genre I sometimes love, other times hate. Across the Universe luckily fell into the category of the former – The Beatles might have had something to do with it. While the bigger story is the love story, there is just a tiny little aspect of one of our main characters being an artist. And though the movie doesn’t really discuss painting, Across the Universe does have a lot to do with artistry in general.

2. PRIME, 2005

Though a little more to do with painters, Prime mostly tells a story of a 40-something woman who suddenly finds herself attracted to a young painter, who’s mother is her psychoanalyst. As far as romantic comedies go, Prime is pretty darn entertaining and Bryan Greenberg looks great. Plus, even though Prime is one of the few movie roles Meryl Streep hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar, she still shines as the mother who has to hear about her son’s sex life from one of her patients.


Alright, this recommendation I’m the most proud of because this actually features art throughout the movie. Not only is the mother of our main character a photographer, the daughter herself soon finds her way to art by becoming an artist/painter. By creating art she uses it as a coping mechanism and as an emotional outlet. This is one of my all time favourite drama movies featuring some great performances by wonderful actresses, that should be talked about more.



  • Hello, all your features are new-to-me but then this is a movie subject I do not gravitate to naturally. This is my first time participating in this hop and because I love movies so much I thought I’d give it a try after reading Birgit’s weekly posts. You’ll find my contributions near the bottom of today’s post. Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

  • Yesss I love that you chose Across The Universe. That’s amazing! I’m fairly sure I know I saw your other two picks but I don’t remember much about them.

    • So Across the universe counts? That one Strawberry painting counts? Good. 😀 I was panicking with this theme a lot because for some reason, I have not seen any movies of painters.

  • I really enjoyed Across the Universe and I do believe it applies because artists are more than painters, they are musicians, writers, sculptors, etc… I haven’t seen the other 2 but they both sound compelling. I have heard of them just forgot about them so they are now on my list

    • Ooh, that’s good to hear and I feel like that small hint of him also doing a little bit of painting really shows how we could be all painters in a way. Ha. The White Oleander should be the first one in that list! 😉

  • I’ve seen two of these. I loved some of the music in Across the Universe but the movie itself left me cold. Prime had its up and downs but was a cute enough rom-com though it was really beneath Meryl’s abilities. I’ve been hesitant to watch White Oleander and I can’t really put a finger on why, it looks kind of bleak but I’ll get around to it one of these days.

    I love painting and art but had some trouble finding films I loved about painters but I did come up with these three that I at least liked.

    The Naked Maja (1958)-Tale of the renowned painter Francisco Goya (Anthony Franciosa) and his passionate affair with the Duchess of Alba (Ava Gardner) , purportedly the model for the title painting. Set against Spain’s war with France and the Inquisition, though shot in Italy, the film is a visual treat with a good performance by Gardner but missing a certain spark, perhaps due to the fact that the stars detested each other behind the scenes.

    Lust for Life (1956)-Biography of Vincent Van Gogh with an intense, driven performance by near lookalike Kirk Douglas as the tortured artist. Since he wasn’t acknowledged until after his death the film is a relentlessly grim look at the cost and weight of unrecognized genius. Overlong but loaded with works by the master.

    The Moon and Sixpence (1942)-Inspired by the life of Paul Gauguin and based on the Somerset Maugham novel, the film tells the story of Charles Strickland (George Sanders) who throws his staid life as a married stockbroker away to run away to the South Seas to paint with nary a thought to the consequences. Well-acted with a superior cast but the lead character is an almost completely despicable person so it’s difficult to care too much for his story or fate.

    • White Oleander is the best one from my list by far so I think you’ll enjoy it!

      I haven’t heard of any of your picks, but as you know, I have trouble with movies about painters. But Lust for Life seems interesting.. I’m now wondering if there are any really good documentaries about painters.. I love the ones about fashion so I would assume I’d love to watch something about painters.

  • You’re on this, too! Unfortunately I haven’t ever heard any of this. The result of your contemplation seems too distant for me lol.
    I only know that Across the Universe is The Beatles’ song lol again

  • Interesting picks, liked that you went a different way. I really need to see White Oleander as its been picked for various themes before. I gotta say I have a soft spot for Across the Universe. I love the Beatles and the cast are so good. The version of Helter Skelter is a favourite.

    • Well, going the different way was the only way to actually get a list up this week. 😀

      Definitely see White Oleander, it’s so worth it! I’d watch it again if it weren’t for my rule of no rewatch movies this year.

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