With recent events in Hollywood, this week’s theme comes with great responsibility. And with the current trend of female led movies, I want to showcase the side of female characters that’s even stronger and more powerful, than simply taking the lead in a movie. We have supportive female characters, who are strong on their own but even stronger as a team, because it’s important to stick together – female or male. Because behind every strong person, is another strong person and that is reflected in my picks.


This pick is the one of my favourite examples of a strong female character in a film where she isn’t actually the lead. Rebecca Ferguson portrays Isla Faust, who, for me, is the most memorable of all the relaunched Mission Impossible characters. And, I bet everyone who has seen the movie immediately thinks back to that scene where Isla is wearing that yellow dress while holding that big ass gun! That scene was sexy. So kudos to Tom Cruise for creating a strong female character who is just as capable as his male character.


I wanted to pick Hermione as a character in the first film because it has such importance for who she will become as a person. Here is a character, completely unaware of the world of wizards before her invite to the school, exactly like Harry, feeling like an outsider. Yet she is so eager to learn, she isn’t afraid! And even though she is a strong character even before she befriends Harry and Ron, their friendship makes her shine even more. She isn’t necessarily physically strong but mentally and emotionally. Always with a book in her hand, Hermione represents the strength of knowledge.

3. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)

Yes, I have mentioned Mad Max: Fury Road before as a pick in Thursday Movie Picks but I want to showcase how Charlize Theron can be one hell of a strong female character! This movie has two strong characters portrayed by Tom Hardy and Theron. Hardy’s character is more of the lead, yet that doesn’t matter because they are actually stronger as a team. And I think that’s one of the aspects that makes female characters feel strong and powerful, their need to be not just independent but their fundamental desire to connect with others. It’s that side of women that I think is the strongest, the ability to love and care even during the most difficult of times. That’s strength in my opinion.




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