I love a good old meet cute! It just sparks joy, especially when you see a movie for the second time and know how much to appreciate the meet cute. So keeping this in mind, I’m bringing you three movies  I’ve seen many times with not just one meet cute but TWO! Because the more the merrier, and the more, the cuter!

1. PS: I LOVE YOU (2007)

This one is special to me because it’s not your typical movie meet cute. The thing is, it happens midway through the movie, when Hilary Swanks character goes to Ireland. She remembers how she met her husband, the one who died and left her letters to help her grieve. It’s a sad movie if you think about it but it’s also full of laughs. Especially how Gerald Butler’s character describes how they met.

He is the male lead but there’s another meet cute in this one! The one I mean is when Swank’s character goes to talk to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character (doing sort of an Irish accent). It goes sad really quickly but later on they meet up again. Her friends are being super pushy and it’s exciting. And then she sees his butt! Can’t get any cuter than that!

2. THE HOLIDAY (2006)

The ultimate movie of meet cutes because it also describes what a meet cute is and happens to make the ones it has even more special. We have two main characters – one portrayed by Kate Winslet, the other by Cameron Diaz. The characters live accordingly in England and in America – they switch places for two weeks, like in those Disney supernatural movies but for real and it’s brilliant.

Diaz’s meet cute is with Jude Law’s character and it’s is brilliant. He is acceptably drunk, she is almost ready to leave because she thinks she has made a mistake. Sees him, is instantly flustered and it gets quite… grown up pretty fast. Winslet’s character meets Jack Black’s character through a loudspeaker and then he adorably helps her when something gets in her eye. Friendship ensues and Black is adorable and amazing in this one!

3. YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998)

Going back to the 90’s, here’s a movie that has technically one meet cute but you could point out more than just one. See, the first one is when they meet online, something we only get to hear of and never “see”. The second one is when Tom Hanks’ character goes to the bookstore Meg Ryan’s character owns, they meet, it’s adorable, life goes on. Then she meets him after she finds out he is the owner of a bookstore chain that drives her out of business.

The final meet cute is technically the one where she meets him after she finds out he is the one she has been talking to online. So if you look at it, this movie is one meet cute after the other considering by the end, it’s just all cards on the table and no secrets.




  • excellent choices. I love all of the meet-cutes in You’ve Got Mail too, and it always cracks me up how quickly Cameron Diaz’s character is ready to jump into bed with Jude Law, although I can’t really blame her.

    • I mean instant chemistry is a thing, and I’m glad she’s like.. ready to go for it. Why not right? She’s a really great character. Not a hopeless romantic like Winslet’s one so it’s a nice balance. 😀

  • It’s funny. Every time I skip a week, reading the other lists always makes my brain start listing films I could have picked! LOL Love your list this week!

    • I can see that happening if I didn’t have like.. years of practise with this. Once you do it like.. for a year, I think it becomes easier. 😀

  • I liked P.S. I Love You much more than I expected to. I hit the notes you think it will but somehow it was much more engaging than I thought it would be doing that.

    I thought The Holiday was only average and I liked the Kate Winslet segment much more than the Diaz one but then I like Kate much more so that might have played into it. She was surprisingly simpatico with Jack Black too.

    You’ve Got Mail is by far my least favorite version of the tale its telling. The original Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan is such a charmer and the musicalized In the Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland and Van Johnson is sweet but missing the first’s pathos. This one despite a good cast I found flat-footed and forced.

    I decided to do a theme within the theme as a tribute to one of the queens of romantic comedy-Doris Day.

    Pillow Talk (1959)-Ultrachic interior designer Jan Morrow (Doris) and wolfish songwriter Brad Allen (Rock Hudson) battle over their shared party line without ever meeting. One night when Jan is enduring a bad unwanted date with a client’s drunken son at a nightclub Brad sees her dancing. Instantly attracted and knowing he’s poison to her if she hears his name he pretends to be Texas rancher Rex Stetson. Laying on the charm and aw shucks naiveté he sweeps Jan off her feet soon falling for her himself but when Jan’s other beau (and friend of Brad’s) Jonathan (Tony Randall) discovers the deception he hurries to let Jan know she’s being taken for a ride. Complications ensue but true love eventually wins the day.

    The Glass Bottom Boat (1966)-Jennifer Nelson’s (Doris) father Axel (Arthur Godfrey) runs a tourist boat with a glass bottom off Catalina Island and to help business Jennifer swims underneath dressed as a mermaid complete with tale. One day Bruce Templeton (Rod Taylor) hooks her fin and they bicker until he returns her costume. Later she discovers he’s her new boss at her day job in a research lab, tensions and sparks continue to fly.

    Lucky Me (1954)-Candy Williams (Doris) is a member of a cash strapped traveling vaudeville troupe stranded in Miami who are forced to work at a hotel when their leader Hap (Phil Silvers) tries to scam the place out of a lavish meal for them. Staying at the hotel is Broadway producer Dick Carson (Robert Cummings) working on his new show. The superstitious Candy goes for a walk one morning and in trying to avoid a black cat crossing her path jumps to the side causing Dick to smash his car into a wall while she walks on blithely unawares. Dick takes the car to a garage and the mechanic loans him the garage’s jalopy while he works on the car. Heading back to the hotel he again espies Candy now jumping along the sidewalk to avoid cracks and distracted he runs into a fire hydrant. Candy apologizes and takes him for a mechanic, he plays along which eventually leads to complications before love and Broadway success for all wraps things up.

    • I’m surprised that P.S. I Love You is your favourite from this list, it’s a refreshing rom com as we are told the story of love while knowing he dies. IT sort of makes it… painfully sad and happy at the same time.
      I can see not liking Diaz, I have profound respect for her after she quit the business and was like, I’m done with this, these roles don’t work for me, bye.
      I love a theme within a theme, as you know, so this was especially nice! HAven’t seen any of them and I keep thinking of seeing the You’ve Got Mail originals… never get to them tho. 🙁

    • You need to! It’s getting a sequel!! And it’s charming and actually quite a good rom com! I have a soft spot for all of these really. 😛

    • I know! I rewatched it recently and it holds up nicely, even tho AOL is in the past and that dial up tone makes me feel old. 😀

  • I LOVE all your picks!! P.S. I Love You is a surprisingly sweet and emotionally-involving rom-com. i used to be obsessed w/ Gerry Butler and post-300 he’s still soooo gorgeous (I can’t bring myself to watch anything he’s in anymore)

    Oooh, You’ve Got Mail might by on the list for this week’s TMP 😉

    • Yay, I love it when that happens! I saw that this week’s theme is so… like I could use two of these again but I have come up with a bit of a theme within a theme for today.. as always. 😀

    • Yes time for a rewatch! You’ve Got Mail works so well now too especially with small bookshops and indie shops going out of business with Amazon and stuff. 🙁

  • I adore PS I Love You. I’ve been meaning to rewatch it since Netflix added it but I can’t seem to find the time haha

    I saw the other two and liked both. Great picks!

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