Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Love in the Tech Age

Since it’s February, we’re still on the love train and this week we’re bringing you some tech age love! I picked two movies last week that could fit perfectly into this week but it’s okay. I had planned this out perfectly (totally lying) and have a theme within a theme where those wouldn’t have fit anyway. So eventually, this worked out brilliantly!

1. EX MACHINA (2014)

Now I’m guessing my theme within the theme is clear right away because in the center of this movie is an artificial intelligence. So basically, I’m going way into the future where AI’s exist more often and well, the love for them is also more common. I do believe people are in some ways in love with technology so much so it’s not a stretch for them to fall in love with an AI. Ex Machina is sort of an educational movie for the future to stay safe and not trust a computer. I mean, honestly, has any AI love story ever really worked out? By the way, this is by far my favourite Alicia Vikander performance and shout out to Oscar Isaac for those awesome dance movies!


The movie is based on this concept of  transporting ones mind into a computer. Johnny Depp is a scientist who then suddenly becomes part computer and slowly loses its mind to the computer entirely. He is basically a human who turned into an AI. The love aspect here is his marriage, where Rebecca Hall plays the wife. It’s not my favourite movie but I’m a sucker for sci-fi concepts and this one tickled my brain quite nicely. To be completely honest, I don’t exactly remember the ending of this movie. I know it must have not ended very romantically. A bonus, a theme within a theme of a theme this week: romance gone wrong.

3. BLADE RUNNER 20149 (2017)

Here we have a stunning movie with painting like visuals. It might not have had a huge impact on me in 2017 yet it has stayed with me. It’s the visuals, the sort of slow paced narrative that has been embedded in my brain. It makes me think that this movie had a bigger impact on me than I acknowledged a few years back. Anyway, here we have an AI that looks absolutely stunning. The AI is Ava de Armas who is a chameleon and looks cute (her last name literally means cute in Estonian). The twists and turns here are actually wonderful and part of me can’t help to like this movie for having so much human feeling, in a world of AIs. PS: I miss Ryan Gosling a bit, where he at!?






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