Almost missed this week’s post because I didn’t plan for it, and then I had two mega long work shifts yesterday and today. But, not to worry, I borrowed some sleep time and got this list on your way (with minor problems) and Thursdays are still a go! Also, even though one of the picks isn’t necessarily a sequel, it’s still a follow-up so… it counts!

1. SPLIT (2016)

Have I recommended this one before? Who knows, but no other movie works as well with this week’s theme as Split. The unexpected sequel to one of the coolest superhero movies: Unbreakable. Sadly the surprise and the connection was lost to many. But I audibly gasped in the theater when Bruce Willis showed up! It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s a perfect sequel. It came out of nowhere, and it delivered the shock factor!

2. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)

Now it isn’t a sequel per-say, no, but it is a long awaited follow up to the 80’s franchise. It also came out of nowhere and it became a 2015 favourite for many! It is still one of the most beautiful films shot in terms of visuals and stunts. I don’t tire from mentioning it every now and then, because if there are still people who haven’t seen it, then I might persuade them otherwise. It’s worth it!


9 years is a long time to wait for a sequel but that’s how the Before trilogy has been set up. We meet our main characters after 9 years, and we get to know them through a single day through conversation. It’s a well thought out idea, and it works. I watched the entire trilogy for the first time in February, and I still think about it sometimes. Simply put, it’s a very small and compact idea in a single movie that is able to, for some, cause a big and immense impact.




  • Fury Road is still one of the most pleasant surprises ever for me. I never saw the old films but absolutely loved this one. Before Sunset is lovely. Never saw the sequel to that, not to ruin that romance and charm.

    • It is! I haven’t watched the old Mad Max movies either but I don’t even want to, I think Fury Road raised the bar way too high. 😀

  • I’m with Sati on Fury Road being a pleasant surprise. I never thought I would like that movie. I still have yet to see the Before trilogy.

    • I think I expected something good, but my flatmate was shocked to awe by the time she was walking out of the screening. 😀

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