First thought that came to mind with this week’s theme was “huh?!” In other words, I’m a bit flustered at the moment and not really getting the meaning behind the theme. Is it to list comedies that I think are not funny? Well, that would include almost every comedy there is, since I’m very picky about comedies. But I’d rather take it to another direction, the drama-comedy angle. In other words, here are three drama-comedies, that are just not ONLY funny but also full of wisdom!


One of my personal favourites from 2016 is this very underrated Paul Rudd movie with Craig Roberts. It has funny moments but it also has serious moments. It’s the perfect balance between humour and teaching a valuable lesson – we all deserve to enjoy life! This movie, based on a book written based on personal experience, has so much depth to it, and it’s a must to watch not just for the comedy aspect, but for the lessons it manages to teach us.


I’m mentioning another one of my favourites because this week’s theme is giving me major flashbacks to drama-comedies. The Kings of Summer is yet another one of those movies that warms your heart with laughter and personal growth. Seeing these kids grow and learn from their experience of living in the woods for the entire summer is amazing. It’s also makes me want to be a kid again.


And another one of those indie movies that stole my heart way back when. Drinking Buddies is the sort of film you laugh with but end up thinking back as an important life lesson. It tackles alcoholism and cheating and unwanted affection and love through dark humour, and it’s brilliant. Olivia Wilde’s performance here is her best, and she rarely gets the chance to play such roles, which is why it’s an important movie to watch. Definitely the kind of comedy that is not just funny.. because it’s so fucking real it’s actually scary.



  • I went with comedies that I thought failed at their job and didn’t make me laugh lol.

    I like Kings of Summer and Drinking Buddies, those were good watches.

  • An interesting spin on the theme. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of them but Kings of Summer sounds worth seeking out.

    I went with the straightforward awful comedies that were supposed to be funny but failed. I hope you haven’t seen any of them because they all stink!

    All About Steve (2009)-Sandra Bullock, usually so charming and quirky makes a complete fool of herself in this alleged comedy about nothing so much as creepy stalkerism. A total misfire this is surely her worst film.

    My Boss’s Daughter (2003)-Young dude (Ashton Kutcher) agrees to housesit for his boss in the hopes of scoring points with both the boss and his daughter. But almost as soon as he takes residence a litany of guests and lowlifes including his boss’s son tramp through the place doing things that any rational person would never do in someone else’s home. SO very stupid and extremely vile. Unfunny in the extreme.

    Town & Country (2001)-Warren Beatty directed mishmash that sat on the shelf for years and deservedly sank like a stone on release. Just a terrible mess of a movie that has only the most tenacious plot line running through it. Stories are picked up and dropped willy nilly adding up to pretty much nothing. This notorious flop reportedly cost many, many millions of dollars but they certainly don’t show on screen. Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn try to do something with their parts although they are ill-served by the script. Everybody else goes down with the ship, poor Charlton Heston and Marian Seldes are made ridiculous in yet another totally needless subplot. A perfect example of a director and studio lucky enough to gather a great group of talent and then squander them totally.

  • I don’t know any of these films but I love your take on it. I went with the straight out unfunny. Your picks remind me of the tv show MASH which started out as comedy but went later to dramedy. You remind me of my mom who was difficult to please in the comedy dept. what comedy did you appreciate?

  • I’ve heard good things about Kings of Summer… later its director, Vogt-Roberts, went big and did Kong: Skull Island. Makes me think of Colin Trevorrow with his adorable comedy debut Safety Not Guaranteed, have you heard of it?

    P. S. Happy to meet another blogger from the Baltics! 😉

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