Thursday Movie Picks: It’s a Party

Thursday Movie Picks

Though there are various things to celebrate all year around, it feels like December is a global party in general! From one grandmother’s house to the other, from your significant other parents to yours, from dinner parties to raging New Year’s shindigs. December is a party month, and here are my party movie recommendations.


Let’s present a movie that is awful in so many ways that it’s actually a bit fun. I guess mostly because it’s so ridiculous and crazy, you can’t help to laugh at it. It also a very extreme Christmas office party, the kind I hope to never be apart of. I prefer more laid back and chill gatherings. Office Christmas Party is not chill… but it is pointless fun.


I feel like this movie is a hate or love type of thing, and I happen to love it. Granted, haven’t watched it since I first saw it but the cinematography and crazy acting choices are still fresh in my mind. It’s a bold movie and it’s not as bad as its score on IMDb makes it look out to be. And the entire movie is a huge party gone wrong, not a holiday one but hey, not all parties happen in December.

3. THIS IS THE END (2013)

Well, This is the End’s party ends up in a really bad place and well, something not so cool happens also. This movie is not a very holiday-esque either, but it’s the funniest of the bunch! It is hilarious from start to finish, and has some amazing performances. I haven’t seen it in ages but it is very rewatchable!





    1. Hah, well, Spring Breakers was a complete surprise to me and I think I was part of the hype during that time. 😀

  1. I watched Office Christmas Party for the first time last week and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Like you say, it’s so ridiculous it kinda works! You’ve also reminded me that I’ve still never seen Spring Breakers…I need to get on that.

    1. Yes, watch SB, and then tell me what you thought. I think it’s either a hit or a miss, I hope it’s a hit! 🙂

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