While I probably know many movies with hostage situations, I’m struggling a bit with these very specific themes this year. On one hand, there are so many, on the other, they sort of limit my recommendations to a very specific corner. The themes have taken me hostage, and I’m not liking it. That being said, here are three recommendations revolving around hostage situations that have another common thread. Can you guess what else besides the main theme connects them? I myself thought of many.


An ugly monster takes a pretty girl hostage. Now, this one is an odd recommendation because I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this movie. But considering the fact that it made a ton lot of money, I assume many do. So I’m recommending it to the fans it already has. Have you watched it lately? Watch it again! I must admit that despite it having a mediocre affect on me, the CGI is impressive. I mean, that’s what I’ve begun to expect in the first place, so it’s becoming redundant to mention its masterfulness. Anyway, a money grabber I was okay with.

2. TANGLED (2010)

An evil witch takes a pretty princess hostage. This is actually among my favourite animations because it’s so much fun! Plus, Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore did a fantastic job voicing this, and both are well cast here. It’s a funny take on a beloved fairytale and modernised twists add to the charm. The animals don’t talk, which is also a big plus for this one. While I haven’t watched this in ages, I only have fond memories of it. I’m a bit surprised it wasn’t nominated for Best Animation at the Oscars (they only had 3 movies in 2011), but I’m sure it has stood the test of time. I mean that boat scene alone is embedded in many of our brains I’m sure.

3. STARDUST (2007)

A handsome man takes a pretty star hostage. While I begun making this list, Stardust was the first movie that came to mind. The whole movie is driven by this man dragging a beautiful star to his girlfriend. This is also a wonderful movie in many more ways. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s a hidden gem among movies. Definitely underrated and deserves more love on a regular basis. Not sure why exactly I feel so connected to it but I guess it’s because it’s nostalgic. It’s like my childhood fairytale grew up and went on an adult adventure. It also has Robert DeNiro in a dress.




  • All three are Disney made are they not? And they are all fairy tale centered.

    I haven’t seen this version of Beauty and the Beast but have seen many others. My favorite remains Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film but there are many good ones and its a perfect fit.

    I found Stardust boring as all get out when I saw it in the theatre which was disappointing since the preview was so promising.

    Haven’t seen Tangled.

    Hostage stories go way back, all the way to those damsel in distress silent serials, so I chose to reach back quite a ways for a couple of mine especially since the first one screamed out for inclusion.

    Hostages (1943)-A large group of Czechoslovakians are held hostages by the Gestapo until the supposed killer of a Nazi officer-actually a suicide-is turned in. Among the group is the leader of the resistance movement (William Bendix), working undercover as an apparently ignorant washroom attendant in the nightclub where the victim was last seen alive. Meanwhile a group of resistance fighters, led by Maria (Katina Paxinou), try to contact Bendix to establish the time to blow up a German ammunition supply and devise a plan to rescue the prisoners. This was double Oscar winner Luise Rainer’s last film for 54 years.

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)-Four men Misters Blue, Green, Grey and Brown board a New York subway train and take the 18 passengers hostage demanding one million dollars in an hour’s time or they will start killing the hostages, one a minute until their demands are met. Under the direction of laconic but sharp transit cop Zach Garber (Walter Matthau) the city tries to meet the deadline and negotiate the lives of the hostages. Slam bang adventure with a cast full of familiar faces really captures the pulsing feel of New York City in the 70’s. An attempted remake in 2009 with Denzel Washington lost most of the flavor of the original.

    Argo (2012)-1979 Tehran, militants storm the U.S. embassy taking 66 American hostages. During the siege six manage to slip away and find refuge with the Canadian ambassador. Knowing that it’s just a matter of time before the refugees are found and likely executed, the U.S. government calls on extractor Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to rescue them. Mendez’s plan is to pose as a Hollywood producer scouting locations in Iran and train the refugees to act as his “film” crew. Affleck does well in blending all the intricacies of the plot into a cohesive taut whole.

  • I love the route you took with your picks…fairytales. I’ve seen all of them
    I don’t completely like the 2017 Beauty and the Beast. Some of the earlier musical scenes are good, but I don’t think Watson made a good Belle and I thought CGI beast looks terrible. I think they should have gone with prosthetics with beast.
    I’ve rewatched Tangled recently and still found it cute.
    Stardust is one of my favorites. I love love. It’s such a magical gem.

    • I agree with the Beauty and the Beast thing. I actually remember going to the bathroom in the middle of the movie and not worrying about missing anything, so I just walked slowly and got back to the singing with the “meh” attitude. 😀 Stardust is a gem among fairytales!

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