Finally, the moment where I can breathe during October because I know what to recommend without thinking that hard about it. And even though these picks aren’t really surprising, they all have had a really strong season or a few under their belt. Plus some very terrifying moments.


Sure, this is the most obvious pick for this week and it has had its ups and downs, but I still think it has its strengths. I have seen only the first two season from start to finish, and I think the first is still the strongest of the entire run. I did start a few of the other seasons but I never really felt as strongly connected to the show after the beginning. I think the furthest I got with another season was its fifth one with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer, but never really got to the end of that one either.


Before season 2 premiers, I’m suddenly feeling very nostalgic about the first season now and I wanted to add it to my list. I like the 80’s references, I like the kids, I like the teenagers and yes, I’m team Steve while everyone else is team Jonathan, I just can’t help it. I like the visuals, I like the vibe, I like how it changed last summer for the better. I like how I still miss Barb, and I like how strongly I want to root for the kids. Plus, I like that many are saying that the second season is even better, I like that a lot. Hopefully it’s true and I get to gush over it during this weekend.

3. SUPERNATURAL (2005-…)

Well, despite the fact that I stopped watching Supernatural YEARS ago, it’s still something I recommend to watch, at least until its season 5 finale! That’s what the show creator Eric Kripke intended, wrapping the whole story line up in a nice package and handing it off to us as a nice gift. Well, the show established such a huge cult following that 5 seasons didn’t seem enough, Kripke left, and well, now the show is still running. The horror aspect by the way, wait until you see the asylum episode in season 1, that sh*t will scare the hell out of you. But the whole aspect of adding humour to horror is something that I liked about this show, and I still appreciate it despite not watching it.




  • I loved the first five seasons of Supernatural (although some of my favorite episodes are in Season 6). I stopped watching when Jeremy Carver took over, and it’s a little beyond my comprehension that enough fans have stuck around for it to last 13 seasons!

    • I think a couple of my episode favourites are also from season 6 and maybe even 7, but after that the story line didn’t really feel like it was driving towards a goal. But I mean, I like the fact that a show with so few main characters stole the heart of many.

  • I love Stranger Things! SO PUMPED FOR TOMORROW!

    I never got around to watching the other two. I can’t believe The Supernatural is still on. That show has one of the most passionate fanbases I’ve ever seen.

    • Yaas! I just rewatched the first season by accident, just meant to watch one episode but decided to watch it all. Tonight – season 2! Yaaas!

      Supernatural is good for 5 seasons and then a few more, then it just becomes the same thing, I think. I haven’t seen it past season 9, but I’m thinking, maybe some day…

  • Yay Supernatural! I’ve managed to finish season 11 during exam season and it’s not half bad but jesus, Brit is right, it’s hard to believe it’s still going! Fanbase is passionate indeed. So I’ll eventually catch up with it because I guess I’m one of them 😂

    High hopes for Stranger Things Season Two! I’ve only seen the first season of AHS, which was strong, but the others didn’t quite entice me that much. I’ll give them a go one day, though.

    • I think I stopped somewhere in season 9, season 10 but I’m thinking I’ll some day pick it up as well. Just for the memories.
      I heard good things about season 2 so I’m very thrilled for it this weekend! Already caught up with season 1 again, accidentally watched the entire thing instead of episode 1 like I planned.

  • The only one I’ve watched any of it your first but I abandoned the series during that stupid hotel arch. It was great though to see high quality actresses like Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett and of course Jessica Lange given something they could sink their teeth into. I’ve heard of both of the other two but have never gotten around to them.

    This week was actually a shade easier for me since there were more series with a horror theme that I’ve given a shot than theatrical films.

    Dexter (2006-2013)-Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a highly respected blood splatter expert with the Miami police department. He seems a little odd and secretive but his co-workers including his sister Deb know that in his past he had some traumatic experiences so they allow him some space. Thing is Dexter has a sideline that keeps him pretty busy off hours…he’s a serial killer who only pursues the evilest of men & women and disposes of them without a trace. Dark, dark comedy that intermingles gallows humor with gore, its absurdist viewpoint is greatly enhanced by Hall’s performance in the lead.

    Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974-1975)-Weathered persnickety Chicago newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin) seems to have a real knack for stumbling across bizarre often ritualistic seeming deaths. Turns out that’s because Chicago is apparently a hotbed for every sort of supernatural being, witches, vampires, zombies etc. imaginable. Kolchak usually get to the bottom of each case but somehow can never quite make a believer out of his editor Tony Vincenzo (Simon Oakland). One season series originated with two highly rated TV movies (the first earned a 54 share!), was stacked with familiar faces and had a twisty sense of humor mixed with its horror. The studio however never quite figured out how to market it and buried in a bad time slot.

    Night Gallery (1970-1973)-Second anthology series by Rod Serling isn’t quite the masterpiece The Twilight Zone was but had many original memorable episodes. Unlike the original this usually contained two or even three shorter vignettes that leaned more often towards horror and the supernatural than science fiction. Thought neither as well-known nor as critically respected as the first it did create several famous episodes including “Green Fingers”, “The Diary”, They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar”, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow”, “Caterpillar” and “Whisper” starring a very young Sally Field among others. Originated with a TV movie that provided Steven Spielberg with his first directing gig in an episode starring Joan Crawford.

    • Supernatural is great for about 6 to 7 seasons. Then it slowly becomes less entertaining. But first 5, are stellar, because they wrap up a big story line perfectly and it feels like a really really long journey. It’s great. I’m thinking I should rewatch it soon.

      But first, watch Stranger Things NOW! Like, that’s the most important. 😀

  • I’ve now seen Stranger Things season 2, I think I like it more than season 1. I wasn’t a big fan of season 1 because I felt there was so much 80’s referencing that it could hardly stand on its own. That’s my problem with American Horror Story as well, I’ve seen very little of it, but I remember watching episode 1 of Hotel and there was just so many references in one episode…like why?

    • I still think I liked the first season a bit better but then again, I think I missed many of the 80’s references because I’m not o familiar with the culture back then.

  • American Horror definitely has ups and downs.

    Team Steve FOREVER. I was so happy he got the time to shine in this new season <3

    As for Supernatural – one of my all time favourite shows, although I only acknowledge five season xD Incidentally, it is almost time for my annual run of it.

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