A little bit weird is good, it’s almost healthy to be a little weird because then you end up standing out from the crowd. Too much weird, and you might end up in a locked room. The fact that there is a very fine line separating the weird and the crazy in the following shows, is what makes them great.

1. TRUE BLOOD (2008-2014)

Does anyone else miss this show a bit? It’s been four years since it ended, but sometimes I miss the weird supernatural Southern vibe True Blood brought to the table. It had everything, vampires, shapeshifters, faeries – all sorts of crazies. And it had a lot of sex! But it’s the combination of unique characters, quirky dialog and weird story lines, that makes True Blood a little weird in a good way.


I don’t think there’s anything more weird than Netflix’s comedy Santa Clarita Diet. Part of me thinks it is because the show has taken the zombie concept, and applied it to the well known family comedy. Plus, the way zombies transform in this series is so different and weird, that it deserves a nod of its own. Oh, and who else deserves his own nod, Timothy Olyphant.

3. SCREAM QUEENS (2016-2016)

Though Scream Queens didn’t live long, the success of the first season will live way beyond the show’s running time. It had very camp characters and plot lines, but that’s what made it fun. Plus the scary part of it was nicely balanced with the humour. Biggest disappointment was the second season, which I didn’t even finish but trust me, the first one is so worth your time!




    • I know the feeling. I’m still pretending the Gilmore Girls revival didn’t happen, and so many other seasons from various shows. So yes, I agree with you! 😀

    • It’s a bit disappointing.. I have still the second season to watch though, so I have something left. Maybe I’ll rewatch it next year but hey, I’m currently so worried about my TBW schedule.. it’s overflowing. :/

    • Thank you! I feel like Scream Queens deserves a bit more patience because I wasn’t a fan for the first couple of episodes, but then I fell fast. Like.. sometimes it’s good to go back to a show after a while, maybe it will work!

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