Finally, the last Thursday of October is here and I can soon put this months’ horror adventures behind me. Like always, the last Thursday of the month is all about the television shows. The theme is simple, the point is straightforward – we are talking horror. And here are three shows that for me have been horrific but amazing. Oh and since I’ve been lazy lately, this one also has a theme within a theme because why the hell not. All three have something to do with zombies!

1. THE RETURNED (2012 – 2015) / THE RETURNED (2015)

Alright so I’ve seen bits of both shows, more of the one season remake. But I’m listing it here as a reminder to myself to watch it! It’s good. It’s about dead people returning. They’re not zombies as far as I can remember but they are not all the same either. Which you know, makes sense since they were dead and now they are not. I’ve got a soft spot for the French version of course because it’s better. But whatever you prefer give it a try, it’s pretty good as far as I know.

2. THE WALKING DEAD (2010 – …)

Should have ended a long time ago but I will still praise the first 4 or 5 seasons. It did lose a bit of its edge around season 3 even but at least it still felt fresh. Now the zombies makeup feels like a regular Tuesday, we’ve seen enough, we know it’s amazing, it doesn’t shock us anymore. But oh how wonderful the first season was? Do you remember!? It was a horrific ride throughout and I remember watching it at night thinking, why the hell am I torturing myself? Anyway, I’m hesitant about everything Walking Dead related now, there’s a spin-off, another spin-off, a movie!? Nah, I’d rather watch that first season again and again!

3. IN THE FLESH (2013-2014)

The only truly horrifying thing about In the Flesh is the fact that it had a very short run. Just two seasons and man, it deserved a bit more. It’s basically a humanised version of Walking Dead with a bit of British humour thrown in. It reminds me of that movie Warm Bodies where zombies started to resemble humans more and more but it’s a lot better! I have the fondest of memories of this show and I do plan to revisit it at some point. It’s just super sad that it only had two seasons. As far as I remember, it also ended on a cliffhanger! That’s the worst!




  • The Returned sounds really interesting! I almost put TWD on my list but figured enough people would have that listed! And I agree, that first season was so great. I stopped watching it a number of seasons ago.

  • I watched the first season of TWD with my sister a couple years after it started and it blew me away. IDK why, but I didn’t immediately jump into season two for a long time, and then by the time I started watching 90% of the cast at the time was already dead, so I just gave it up. I vaguely remember the Returned though!

    • Yeah, the kill rate was slowly getting to me too. Like they survived for so long and then such stupid things kill them off?! They would have not survived that long if they get killed off so quickly. But like, I think I gave up when one of the characters died that I liked.

  • I only saw TWD out of those and I think I only made it to season 5. I cant believe that show is still happening, even its fans are laughing at it these days

  • The Returned – I enjoyed the remake. Wish one of the streaming services would carry the original French one so that I can finally watch it.
    The Walking Dead – I’m so tired of it. I think I stopped watching after season 7. But I agree the first few season were great but then it just got repetitive and went nowhere.

    • Yes, I think the French one was.. more… polished.
      I think I stopped with TWD before the 7th I think… before Negan for sure. I don’t even know where they’re at at the moment.

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