Well well well, this week I’m struggling a little less because most horror films  are dark and happen during the night time. Lucky me! So it was more about selecting the darkest horror movies I have already seen, rather than watching new ones. Here are (almost) three horror films I would recommend.

1. HEREDITARY (2018)

First one that came to mind is of course Ari Aster’s directorial debut Hereditary. I saw this at the cinema, on a big screen, with a great sound system, and it was freaky as hell. Not only is a lot of the movie shot during the night time, it’s subject matter is extremely dark. Honestly, I’m still a little disturbed by its ending, and it’s been months since I saw it.

2. MANDY (2018)

If we’re already talking about disturbing films, why not mention Mandy. This straight to DVD film directed by Panos Cosmatos is strange and weird. It’s also VERY dark, and it’s the skill of the lighting department and the film’s cinematographer that elevates this horror film to a whole new level. It also stars Nicolas Cage, and he’s bonkers, so he fits perfectly with this movie!

3. GHOST SHIP (2002)

Last but not least, something from the past! Ghost Ship is the kind of movie I remember, but not exactly. There’s an opening scene that has been, and probably will be, in my mind forever. When that wire snaps, and cuts everyone in half – chills. And I remember that visual so well, it’s honestly surprising I remember so little of the movie itself. But, it’s probably because the rest of the movie wasn’t that good.. but I really needed a third recommendation so, deal with it!




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