Thursday Movie Picks

This month is an overall challenge for me, but this week’s theme has me struggling the most. The thing is, I know some of these picks don’t make sense but I haven’t seen any horrific technology movies. So I more or less went with the idea that scientific breakthroughs can be scary themselves as a possible future outcome. So more or less, I cheated, but I had fun doing it.

1. UPGRADE (2018)

Funnily enough, Letterboxd places this in the horror genre category. That’s also where I got the idea for this week. Upgrade is not a horror film, but it does posses a horrific possibility of AI’s taking over. We have our main character, who is paralysed but gets a chip in his neck. This allows him to move again, and more importantly, it gives him many other upgrades to his regular human body/mind. The film is a low budget treat for sci-fi and thriller fans for sure.

2. HER (2013)

Yes, I’m loosing you with this recommendation but hear me out. Technological advancements are kind of scary when you start to think about it. Her proposes an idea that we would never be lonely if we had somebody to talk to… and it doesn’t matter if that somebody is not an actual person. That’s the scary part, the fact that technology can replace human interaction.


I guess the last one is the best of the bunch, with it actually being a horror film and all. But what does it have to do with technology? Well, I figured the way this was filmed, in an almost vlog kind of style, makes it a technological treat. The entire film is shot with a home video camera – proving that it’s not always about the big equipment. And it’s the creativity behind the filmmakers that allowed Paranormal Activity to rise to the greats box office wise. I mean, the film cost 15,000 dollars to make and grossed close to 200 million! Also, I thought it was pretty scary.