Another week in the Halloween Edition theme and I’m again stumped for my picks. It’s not surprising though, I knew already in the beginning of the year, when I saw the October theme, that I was going to struggle a bit. So here I am, a week later, struggling to recommend movies with creepy dolls.

1. HOUSE OF WAX (2005)

This one’s a stretch but with the plot revolving around a guy making humans into wax figures works for this week’s theme. A group of teenagers fight to survive and not be made into doll-like-figures – a group that includes Paris Hilton! Hey, I never said these picks will be good, but I mean, the scene were she dies is worth it – though, spoiler alert, she dies quite early on.

2. ANNABELLE (2014)

Literally the only doll movie I could think of that I have seen.. but didn’t particularly like. But I am still a bit committed to the Annabelle story, and you’ll find out why I am this friendly with a movie I disliked with my next pick. Anyway, it’s a creepy haunted doll, and the movie has jump scares but I don’t remember much of it.


The final pick for this week is of course linked to Annabelle, because it’s the movie where we see this famous doll first. The Conjuring is definitely the best recommendation in this list, and I loved its sequel as well. For me the appeal is the investigation angle this franchise is aiming towards, and the main relationship. For me, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are AMAZING in this and I was rooting for them so much, which is rare for me in the horror genre – I rarely make such strong connections with the characters. But I connected with them, and now I can’t stop.





  • I’m 0 for 3 with these I have however seen the original House of Wax with Vincent Price, Carolyn Jones and Charles Bronson which from the sounds of it to be heads and tales better than the new one.

    I’ve heard of the other two but have zero interest in them.

    Again this week like you I struggled with my picks but straying from horror for my third did manage to come up with a trio.

    Magic (1978)-When ventriloquist assistant Corky Withers (Anthony Hopkins) makes his first public performance alone he’s a bust. Afterward he’s given a dummy, Fats to work with. Slowly he improves and eventually is approaching the big time but something strange is happening, Fats seems to be taking control of not only their act but Corky’s actions. Feeling uneasy he takes a break at a cottage owned by his childhood sweetheart Peggy Ann Snow (Ann-Margret) where the hoped for relief doesn’t come but thanks to Fats things become increasingly dire. Creepy and unsettling. Notorious for having its initial TV preview pulled after a massive series of complaints that it was too frightening for children.

    Attack of the Puppet People aka I Was a Teenage Doll (1958)-Mad doctor is lonely for companionship so he invents a machine that shrinks people to miniature size. When he pulls the trick on his secretary and her boyfriend they desperately try to discover a way to escape and once again return to normal size. Strictly drive-in stuff with a budget to match but John Hoyt gives it everything he’s got as the wacko professor with the human doll collection.

    Magnificent Doll (1946)-Dolley Payne Todd (Ginger Rogers!?) is a young widow living in 17th century Philadelphia when she meets two men with great futures, Aaron Burr (David Niven) and James Madison (Burgess Meredith). Both court her but she picks Madison and from that point on according to this history is decided by two lovesick puppies quarreling over the supposedly Magnificent Doll. Ginger, completely at sea, obviously thinks the way to portray one of the Great Ladies of History is to declaim rather than speak her lines and act as if she were made of wood throughout this stately bore. A horror show of another kind and a real disservice to its subject perhaps the most vibrant, interesting woman of revolutionary times who did have tremendous influence on events just not in the drippy, empty way shown here.

  • I have not seen any of these. I don’t think I will see these eitheras the first looks stupid, well, Paris Hilton is in this and the other 2 sound too scary.

  • I still don’t get the appeal of The Conjuring. I was just bored. Which is why I probably like Annabelle if I’m comparing, because I had no expectation for it, while I expected to like The Conjuring because of all the good reviews and was just disappointed.

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