Last hurdle before I can finally breathe with relief because I don’t have to rack my brain to come up with recommendations for horror edition! Next week is Television Edition time and for that, I have my delicious picks all lined up, so this is in some ways, the finishing line for me (hopefully not towards a horrific end).  Anyway, here are my 3 recommendations, one of which is my absolute fave and I just had to mention it!

1. SAW (2004)

This was such an obvious pick for me that I don’t really have any words for it. I’ve seen the first movie of this still ongoing franchise (over ten years, guys!) and I have seen the sequel, but first Saw wins. It’s like Paranormal Activity, the first one gets it so right, and the rest just try to milk on its success. But when you like these sorts of torture body horror type movies, you could binge watch a lot of Saw movies before going to see Jigsaw at the end of the month. So that’s something.

2. THE EVIL DEAD (1981)

So, yes, I have watched The Evil Dead and I’m surprised that I have because I’m not much for horror, as this month has proven. Is it body horror though? Well, people wake up from the dead and look horrible – works for me! I saw it before watching Cabin in the Woods and I don’t regret my decision. It’s interesting to see how far horror has come, but how it still borrows from the classics.

3. IT FOLLOWS (2014)

I wanted to mention this movie this month no matter how flimsy the connection to the theme was because I love this movie! It’s one of those horror movies that has a good idea and it’s executed stunningly as well. But body horror? Well, catching an STD type of monster that wants to kill certainty feels body-horrific. It Follows also serves as a great sex-ed movie in my eyes: protection, or else, you might get killed by an invisible force. Stay safe, kids!




  • I’m also not really big on horror movies, so when my sister finally convinced me to watch Saw I was surprised by how much I liked it! It really does have an amazing concept! I also really liked part 5 for some reason haha! I haven’t seen the other two movies you listed, but they’re both on my list!

    • It Follows is definitely a must, especially in October! I haven’t seen the rest of the Saw’s, I and II only and I think that was enough for me. Concept is cool but just, too much of it just wears you down. 😀

      • I’ve heard so many good things about it! I also just saw the trailer for a new Saw movie that I had no idea was happening haha! But I agree, too much Saw can definitely wear you down 😛

  • Not being much for horror and especially body horror I’ve seen none of these but within the context it sounds like they fit well.

    Reiterating my first statement this was a super tough week and I only made the trio by including a film-Society- that is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen but it fits here so it’s good to know it wasn’t a total waste of time….just almost!

    Altered States (1980)-Ken Russell directed head trip about a college professor (William Hurt) who uses ancient tribal halogenics and an isolation tank to achieve another level of consciousness eventually devolving to a primordial ooze of energy as his colleagues and estranged wife (Blair Brown) fight to restrain him from destroying himself. Screen bow for both Hurt and Drew Barrymore as one of his daughters.

    Society (1989)-Bottom of the barrel sludge about a teenage boy (Billy Warlock) who senses that he’s different from the rest of his family who mix with a certain level of society while he is more of an everyday kind of guy. After several disturbing incidents he discovers the truth which is revealed in revolting fashion. Terrible junk.

    The Fly (1958)-Inventor Andre Delambre (David Hedison) is experimenting with his teleportation device, first with inanimate objects which he’s successful with and eventually animals where he runs into problems. Working on the glitches he decides to try the machine out on himself….but unbeknownst to him a fly gets in before he hits the switch and a melding occurs and he becomes THE FLY!! A big drive-in hit on release this isn’t as technically savvy as the 80’s remake but fun on its own merits and hey it’s got Vincent Price in the cast, always a plus.

  • I feel like, when I rewatch Saw, it will be such a cult gem.
    Yeah I think The Evil Dead would be body horror, they certainly look disgusting enough! We saw it for the podcast and I loved it. I had no idea it was a possession movie, I thought it was zombies! I mean, “evil dead”, right?! Anyway, great stuff. I STILL haven’t seen It Follows! I have it on my watchlist for this Halloween, but there are so many I want so see, sigh.

    This month’s topics are heaven, I’m fangirling all over 👻

    • Posession? See, that’s why I felt like I shouldn’t use the words zombies, though it totally felt like that during the movie as well. It’s just a weird film.
      I’m just glad this month is almost over, I am so bad with horror movies! 😀

  • Well, alright. I’ve been way behind on horror flicks this month (uh, I’ve seen one), so it’s nice to see some conversation about some relative classics.

    Evil Dead changed my life, even if it’s my least favorite of the trilogy (I also saw them in reverse order). I’ve only seen the first two Saw flicks, but I certainly enjoyed each of them enough. Not sure I’d be down for the whole series…but I’m sure I’ll get to Jigsaw.

    It Follows? Yes, please. More of that.

    (great post!)

    • Thank you! Evil Dead didn’t change my life BUT It Follows really changed my perspective on horror. Like. Horror can be so clever if it wants to be. I love Get Out too but I want to mention it somewhere else. 😀

      Thanks for the comment! 😉

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