This is the first of the two theme recommendations I made for this year’s list. I’m quite happy with this one, because it can be a surprising week for many! For me, I get to share a total of 5 remakes that I really like. And even though I have not seen the original movies, (I know, shame on me), I’m pretty certain these movies are good remakes!

1. YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) remake of the 1940’s The Shop Around the Corner

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks as the cocky businessman and Meg Ryan as the cute bookstore owner? Taking place during the start of the Internet era, this movie hits all of my rom-com buttons, and has some very cute scenes. Plus, it’s still so relevant in a way. We meet people online all the time, and it’s like a different world, yet the connections we make in the real world, are those that matter the most.

2. TRUE LIES (1994) remake of the 1991’s French movie La Totale!

I had no idea True Lies was even a remake, but I guess that’s what makes remakes a bit better on their own. And I read that Arnold Schwarzenegger saw this French film, and wanted to remake it himself, which I think is awesome. He saw the potential of a really good film, and he was absolutely right. Plus, there’s Jamie Lee Curtis being a totally hot clumsy badass, and I love her!

3. THE MUMMY (1999) a loose remake of the 1932’s The Mummy

I mean, there is a remake of the remake out there now, but let’s pretend that one never happened, okay? Because The Mummy I love is from the 90’s, and it’s the kind that entertains you just the right amount. Part of me feels like this is the perfect adventure film too, it has everything! Plus, the bug eating scene, you know which one I mean, is embedded in my brain forever. Just the sheer simplicity and the creepiness of that, I love it!

4. THE ITALIAN JOB (2003) remake of the 1969’s The Italian Job

When I could have easily kept it obvious, and mentioned Ocean’s 11 in this list, I decided to go with my other favourite The Italian Job instead. This one was also a very obvious choice for me, because I love the thrill of this movie. It also has a few exciting plot twists, and it has lovely performances all around. Charlize Theron kicks ass, Mark Wahlberg is actually okay, and I’ll always love Seth Green to bits in this movie!

5. THE DEPARTED (2006) remake of the 2001’s Infernal Affairs

So, this one surprised me, when I first discovered it was a remake. Heck, even Scorsese himself didn’t know it was a remake before he had already accepted to direct it. Plus, it’s also the only remake of a foreign movie to win a Best Picture Academy Award, so I think it is probably THE good remake. And honestly, I’m not even mad at it for being a remake, because at least I got a thrilling movie, which I would have most likely missed if it had never been remade.




  • I really want to see Infernal Affairs because I love The Departed so much. I’ve had it in my Netflix queue for ages…some day.

    • I think I would too, though I haven’t rewatched it in years. Same goes for The Departed. I think I’ve seen it three times, but every time, I’m surprised by it again.

  • I still have to see The Shop Around the Corner but I do enjoy You’ve Got mail. I love The Italian Job and all the characters were flushed out well(I use flush because I think of the bathroom scene). True Lies is so much fun and one where Arnie isn’t bad in and I not only enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis but Tom Arnold. The Departed is an excellent movie that one must keep both eyes on to catch all the nuances. This was a popular film this week.

    • I expected it to be, but it’s a good pick so I mean, it only makes sense that The Departed is in everyone’s list.

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