The fact that we can’t go on a girls’ trip right at this very moment is sad… That feeling of being cooped up and not having the option to go anywhere without feeling anxious is constant – it’s pretty fucked up. So much so that instead of good movies this week, I’m recommending you bad ones. Cause honestly, I could not think about the good girls’ trip movies at this moment. It would be too sad. Common for all these, IMDb rates them below 5, and they are all rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. Yes, these are that bad!

3. SNATCHED (2017) / IMDb rating 4,5

Mom and daughter go on a vacation and get kidnapped. It’s horrible. Amy Schumer is a hit and miss for me at this point, I’ve seen two of her movies (Trainwreck being the other) total and one was shit, the other was okay. Snatched was shit. There was so much wrong with it I can’t even go into it. I don’t want to remember, okay!? The fact that Goldie Hawn did this makes me even a bit more angry. I gave it no ratings back in 2017 when I reviewed it (read it HERE) and I still think it deserves none. Ironically, this is rated the highest among the three on Rotten Tomatoes with a 36% score. Still rotten though.

2. SEX AND THE CITY 2 (2010) / IMDb rating 4,5

The show was a revelation so when it ended in 2004 we mourned. Four years later we got a movie and it was quite okay. Not as great as the show but still nostalgic (if it can feel nostalgic just 4 years later). Then two years go by and we get Sex and the City 2 – a movie where the four of them go to Abu Dhabi. It’s a disaster. It’s basically just a fashion show with added dialog. I hardly remember any of it except that I felt like I got nothing out of it. The movies were a total buzzkill after the show and now we have a movie rated 4,5 as the final goodbye for Sex and the City. Awful. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 16%.

1. CROSSROADS (2002) / IMDb rating 3,5

This movie y’all… I hate it but I also don’t really hate it, you know!? It’s bad, don’t get me wrong, it’s cheesy as hell but there is an element of comfort within this one. It’s a movie I watched as a kid a lot and well, I guess that kid in me still has a soft spot for it. Britney Spears on her career high, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning just getting their careers going, it’s messy but it’s… an enjoyable mess? It has song breaks, it has a love story, it has a road trip the three childhood friends take (with a guy, okay but it’s mainly girls). They don’t get along at first because they’ve drifted apart and yadiyada. It’s still (good) bad, it has a 14% Rotten Tomatoes score, making it the worst in this list. Yet ironically, I hate it the least.




  • I am in complete agreement with you on all of these!! What dogs! And what was poor Goldie Hawn thinking. I’d read that Shumer (a performer I just don’t get) begged Goldie to return and make this movie because she idolized her and she finally relented. You would think once she managed such a feat she would make sure to deliver something worthy of the effort. But instead she came up with this piece of crap! I hope Goldie returns to make at least one more picture, I’d hate to think this is going to be her last!

    Fortunately I was able to come up with three I at least liked and I love my first.

    Orchestra Wives (1942)-Small town girl Connie Ward (Ann Rutherford) is swept off her feet by Bill Abbott (George Montgomery), a trumpet player in Gene Morrison’s swing band (actually Glenn Miller and his entire orchestra). She hits the road with the band but soon finds herself at odds with the cattiness and petty jealousies of the other band members’ wives also accompanying their husbands on the cross-country train tour. Add in her jealousy at the harmless flirtation between Bill and Jaynie (Lynn Bari), the band’s female vocalist and it’s only a matter of time before things blow between all concerned. A more serious storyline and a lot of glorious Glenn Miller music distinguish this from other 40’s musicals.

    Leaving Normal (1992)-Waitress Darly (Christine Lahti) unhappy with her lot decides to drive to Alaska to try and come to terms with her muddled past. In her travels she meets Marianne (Meg Tilly) who is running away from an abusive relationship. As they hit the road north they forge a bond over shared hardships and encounter some eccentric characters along the way.

    Bonneville (2006)-Newly widowed Arvilla Holden (Jessica Lange) has a problem. She wants to scatter her late husband Joe’s ashes as he requested but her bitter step-daughter Francine (Christine Baranski) demands they be placed in her family crypt in California. Arvilla, still reluctant decides to take them there herself and hits the road with her two best friends, Margene (Kathy Bates) and Carol (Joan Allen) from her home in Idaho. As they share memories along the way they visit various places Arvilla & Joe spent time during their marriage and begin to scatter some of Joe’s ashes as he wanted.

  • We match with Crossroads!
    The Sex and the City movie was okay, but just the kind of film nobody needed.
    Haven’t Snatched and probably never will as I really really don’t like Amy Schumer.

  • I have not seen any…thankfully and wish to have Sex and the City be as it is…the tv show. I did try and watch the firs film as it was on TV and I can’t stand Amy Shumer. I do not understand how she became famous. Goldie needs to make another film that will represent her better.

    • Crossroads funny tho, like, it is so bad it’s almost enjoyable. But I think for me it’s because I saw it as a teen. First time viewing might be god awful 😀

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