Despite being a female myself, I haven’t seen many female buddy movies. When I think of buddy movies I go instantly for the comedy. It’s just a natural way to go. And I think comedy isn’t my favourite genre at the moment so I don’t have many to recommend. So instead of taking the funny route, I tried to pick less obvious way. Here are three female buddy movies that are a bit darker. As always, there’s a theme within a theme because apparently that’s my thing now.

3. ROUGH NIGHT (2017)

Probably my least favourite of the bunch but a good example of the current comedy trend. This movie is about a group of female friends accidentally killing a guy. That’s why their night is so rough. Despite it having some good moments and me actually finding it enjoyable in the theatre, the feelings have changed. There’s just not enough depth here. So in a way, this is a bad recommendation but also a good learning experience. Please stop making these types of comedies. Best part of the movie was the guy/boyfriend traveling to see them. PS: I hope the gif choice will redeem me here a little bit.

2. A SIMPLE FAVOR (2018)

This Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively female buddy movie (with a twist) is a total gem! I wasn’t familiar with the plot before I watched this and it surprised me so much. Loved it! It may be a slight spoiler but there is murder thrown in the mix so as you can tell, that’s my theme within a theme. No idea why I wanted to pair female buddy movies and murder together but that’s just how my brain works. If you still haven’t seen A Simple Favor I recommend it. The twist is fun and I don’t remember predicting it. Kendrick and Lively are both wonderful here as well. PS: the outfits Lively wears, amazing!

1. THELMA & LOUISE (1991)

This one I just saw recently and it was amazing! Just like the others, it revolves around a murder and our two leading ladies go on the run. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are brilliant here and their chemistry really shines. No other female buddy movie can come close to the friendship these two ladies share. It does go to the extreme in the end but metaphorically, if your female buddy won’t jump off the cliff for you, find a new one. As many probably know this is the movie that also put Brad Pitt on the map! He has a smaller role but he shines… and takes off his shirt. Doesn’t get better than that.




  • I liked but didn’t love Thelma and Louise. The leads are terrific and this is the film that really broke Brad Pitt out of the pack but I thought it got sillier as it went along.

    Oh God how I hated Rough Night!! Crass and vulgar.

    I’ve heard of the other but I’m not an Anna Kendrick fan so I’ve stayed away.

    I reached way back for my three.

    Stage Door (1937)-A group of aspiring actresses (including Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Ann Miller and Gail Patrick) all live in a theatrical boarding house off Broadway as they pursue their dreams of success. When rich girl Terry Randall (Katharine Hepburn) arrives she at first doesn’t fit in and butts heads strongly with her roommate Jean Maitland (Ginger Rogers) but as time passes the women all pull together to support each other through their shared struggles, particularly those of sensitive and troubled Kay (Andrea Leeds who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress).

    How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)-Three models-pragmatic Schatze Page (Lauren Bacall) , ditzy Loco Dempsey (Betty Grable) and extremely myopic Pola Debevoise (Marilyn Monroe)-lease a luxury apartment with a mission in mind. They want to snag millionaire husbands! They scheme, plot and hock the contents of the apartment to achieve their goals all the while dressing fabulously and for the most part being there for each other.

    The Opposite Sex (1956)-Musicalized version of the classic ’39 film The Women looks at a circle of high society women friends (and some fremenies) as one of their number, Kay Hilliard’s (June Allyson) marriage hits the rocks when a gold digging showgirl Crystal Allen (Joan Collins) sets her sights on Kay’s husband Steven (Leslie Nielsen). Main differences from the first, the songs, color and men appear in this version.

  • I’ve only seen A Simple Favor from your picks, which I liked overall. I really need to see Thelma and Louise, it’s a bit pathetic that I haven’t yet.

  • Rough Night is a movie that 100% makes you go “Hmmm” now. I found it funny when I went to see it too but now not so much. I’d rather watch “Girls Trip!”

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