I grew up in a city, but I did visit my great grandmother at her farm every summer. Those were the days – playing outside until it got dark, discovering strange bugs and plants, enjoying the fresh air. It’s been years since our family sold that farmhouse, but memories of it stay forever. Here are three movies that have a little or a lot to do with farms.

1. SIGNS (2002)

No idea why, since I’ve only seen it once, but Shyamalan’s Signs popped into my head first. It’s a strange alien film, where a family living on a farm, notices these huge and ominous crop circles. I hardly remember the film from beginning to end, but those foil hats are forever embedded into my brain. I guess you could say that the film is an interesting experience, and aliens are always fun.

2. LOOPER (2012)

Okay, so I’m cheating a little because there farm location isn’t a big part of the film. That being said, the farm scenes were my favourite! Probably because that little boy was brilliant, and his are the scenes I always remember first from Looper. And partly because I haven’t talked about Looper that much, but I still really really like it.

3. BABE (1995)

This is a completely different pick compared to the rest, but it’s also the most important one. I don’t think there’s a film where you could root more for an animal than in Babe. It’s just a lovely family film, that is enjoyable each time. Plus, this scene, and the “That’ll do, pig!” quote, gets me every single time! Historic moment in film history, if I do say so myself.




  • I wish I would’ve thought of Looper for this to be honest. I had a hard time this week and I’ve already come across two films I should’ve used instead lol.

    • Some weeks are like that. I sometimes facepalm my choices after seeing others, like, so stupid not include certain films. 😀

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