Here we go, finally a topic that feels like I’ve been familiar with since I can remember. But that’s because there are so many outbreak movies out there, so many zombie-apocalypses t entertain our thirst. Here are my three picks for this week’s topic.

1. BLINDNESS, 2008

Adapted from a pretty good book, Blindness is a movie about an epidemic where everyone has gone white blind. Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo are playing a married couple in the midst of the epidemic, with one small plot twist, Moore’s character is the only one that hasn’t gone blind!

2. 28 DAYS LATER…, 2002

This was an easy pick, because this is one of my favorite zombie type movies out there. Different, slow paced, well acted with some brilliant direction from Danny Boyle. So as far as dangerous outbreaks go, 28 Days Later is definitely a must watch in case anyone out there has not yet seen it.


My love for Emma Stone had just started and when I stumbled on this one, that love just grew into something special. With other great actors and therefore great performances, Zombieland is a funnier take on zombies but just as thrilling. And adding this one to this list just made me miss Zombieland, which means I will most likely rewatch it soon!


Alright, so I’m cheating a little because I haven’t seen the last two seasons, but I mean, what I’ve heard the show is still pretty good and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the newest season! The more reason to catch up, even though I don’t really want because of the the feels I’m going to suffer in the beginning of season 7. You probably already know what happened, and I for one, am not ready for it. But still, the first couple of seasons of The Walking Dead are most likely the strongest seasons among the strongest shows, so definitely a must!



  • I haven’t seen any of these yet but the first two are on my to see list. I love both Julianne Moore & Mark Ruffalo so I have decent hopes for Blindness. 28 Days Later has such positive word of mouth but I’m just not much for horror so I keep putting it off. What with Halloween coming this is the time of year I should break down and get to it. Zombieland just isn’t for me.

    Not being a horror guy I went in another direction and picked movies that lean more towards the dramatic aspect than the scary.

    Longtime Companion (1989)-The AIDS epidemic is viewed through the prism of its impact on a small group of friends. We begin with young Willy (Campbell Scott), his best friend John (Dermot Mulroney) and a few others going about their day both in Manhattan and Fire Island during the summer of 1981 as one of them, Lisa (Mary Louise Parker) notices a small article in The New York Times mentioning a new disease at first called “GRID: Gay-Related-Immune-Disorder”. As time passes and the government remains indifferent to the disease’s spread the group is slowly decimated by the disease. At times searingly sad but also balanced with humor and beautifully acted. Bruce Davison was deservedly nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

    Panic in the Streets (1950)-When called in to do a routine autopsy on an unknown gunshot victim in New Orleans Dr. Clint Reed (Richard Widmark) discovers he also has signs of the infectious pneumonic plague. He alerts the authorities who at first are skeptical but when he explains they have only 48 hours to locate anyone he came into contact with to prevent a pandemic the chief of police (Paul Douglas) goes into action. Meanwhile the dead man’s killer (Jack Palance) and associates begin to fall victim to the disease. Probably the only film noir pandemic movie you’ll ever find.

    Outbreak (1995)-A deadly contagion breaks out in a California town and once alerted a group of scientists realize that it could spread through the rest of the country in a matter of days. But as the military quarantine tightens, the head scientist (Dustin Hoffman) begins to suspect that there’s more than the outbreak to worry about, and that he himself might be in danger for knowing it.

    • 28 Days Later sounds like something you would enjoy, it isn’t in your face and it subtle in its topic. The first half of the movie is so strong and wonderfully beautiful – I watched the behind the scenes stuff as well, and it just, I love knowing little facts about movies like that.

      And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Longtime Companion, like, the synopsis sounds familiar and the trailer rings a bell, but I watched so many movies during my teenage years that I don’t remember them all.

  • 28 Days seems to be the favourite this week. I watched part of it and then went chicken…couldn’t finish it…too disturbing. Actually would like to see Blindness and forgot about that film so marking that one down. I saw Zombieland and it is funny which is why I can watch it even with the scary part and Jesse Eisenberg in it. Have no wish to see the Walking Dead

    • It seems so but you should finish it, it’s worth it. And I guess it is disturbing but I mean, for a person who doesn’t like horror, it didn’t seem that disturbing nor scary. I’m weird.

      Blindness isn’t for everyone, I think, but I loved the concept and the book as well.

  • I absolutely love Zombieland. Man, that movie is a blast. I know I’m alone on this one, but 28 Days Later was just meh for me. Haven’t seen Blindness, but I need to, from the sounds of it.

    • I think 28 Days Later is one of a kind in a sense that it took an overly done topic, and flipped it, put it in a new context, and just for that, I think it was good.

    • Check it out ! Let me know what you think, Like I said in the comments, I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but it has an interesting point and I would love to know what people think of it.

  • Nice list! 28 Days Later and Zombieland are awesome. Love the throw-in of The Walking Dead. I really liked season five, but the last season was pretty horrible. JDM is great but not so crazy about his character. I’m just hoping against all hopes season 7 gets better. *sobs*

    • I had the feeling the show was slowly loosing its momentum when they started throwing in more and more characters. And now JDM’s character is like, I don’t know, he seems crazy that’s all. And now Glenn? I don’t know if I would ever catch up.

  • I love 28 Days Later and Zombieland! And The Walking Dead is arguably one of the best shows ever. You should really catch up. Dean Morgan is really doing a great job, season 7 premiere was devastating though.

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