As a fan of sci-fi movies I have seen a fair number of cyberpunk movies as well. I did have to check the meaning a little because I did get a tiny bit confused. For those who are also confused, cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology. Basically a lot of movies under the sci-fi umbrella. Anyway as per usual I stuck with a theme within a theme with this one AND watched two movies for this week for the first time.


Saw the live action remake of this, hated it and now saw the animated movie. Of course I loved it! The story itself was familiar so I tried to focused on the animation. It’s unique and amazing. I don’t necessarily understand the nakedness here though. She is able to go invisible, sure. But then in that one scene she is wearing a gun holster over her naked body… just… maybe I was simply lost.

A thing that sort of ruined this all was the fact that I only found a dubbed version. What a waste. This will also be the case for my second pick as well. Simply unfortunate.

2. RUN LOLA RUN (1998)

Wikipedia cyberpunk genre list had Run Lola Run in it and I knew I had to watch it. Heard a lot of it but not necessarily about it. Unluckily, again, the only version I found of Run Lola Run was a dubbed one – the English just feels so strange. I tried to not focus on it but not hearing german just lowered the experience a bit. Who knew me who never really liked reading subtitles would miss subtitles…

Anyway this is a freakishly good movie. It is experimental but it still holds up with its uniqueness today. The simplicity of the movie itself doesn’t really reflect in the plot though, it’s mind pending and wacky. I loved it. Plus I loved the red hair on Lola!

1. THE MATRIX (1999)

If you couldn’t tell by now I chose three movies from the 90’s for this week. Definitely one of the strongest here is The Matrix for me. I saw it in 2019 for the first time. Can you imagine? Anyway this was fun and interesting and also holds up incredibly well. Even the a little rough around the edges sci-fi elements felt fitting for this.

And who can forget the fight scenes? The legendary red or blue pill scene.. I had known of all of that before but seeing it unfold in a movie was just different. Have yet to see the follow ups to this and don’t know if I will. The fourth one is coming though so I mean…. do I need to?




  • I need to watch the animated Ghost in the Shell. I’ve had it in Netflix queue for a while. I didn’t care much for Run Lola Run or The Matrix but they were both okay enough.

  • We share a pick with Ghost in the Shell in the animated version. I didn’t think the live-action version was that bad but it was just… OK. The other 2 films, they’re awesome.

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