I miss being a student a lot these days. It was a lot easier back then, and I felt like I had a specific goal to achieve. But enough about that, here are a few of those college movies that have entertained me with some laughs.

PS: This week’s topic is actually the topic I posted about last week, so this topic should have been up already but clearly I can’t catch a break and accidentally switched the weeks. Forgive me!

1. VAN WILDER, 2002

I just recently rewatched this movie and I realized this is the perfect example of a college student who loves college. Van Wilder, portrayed by the wonderful Ryan Reynolds, has been in college for a long time and he is enjoying his time a lot!

2. ACCEPTED, 2006

Another funny college movie, but this time, it’s about a college these students create themselves. Justin Long leads this pack of these rejected kids, who find their place in this self-created college.


It was a bit difficult to avoid the comedy genre when it comes to college movies becausethere seems to be a focus on laughs when it comes to the college theme. So I went with a musical, with funny characters and Anna Kendrick.

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