This week’s theme is kind of a difficult one to crack because two of my recommendations are, for the lack of a better word, spoilers. Like, if I would have known beforehand that these movies will feature clones or dopplegängers, I would have been less surprised and therefore I would have, most likely, missed out on the most important moment. Though one of my examples has a very spoiler-esque trailer, which I luckily avoided, so technically the movie makers themselves flushed that “moment” down the toilet themselves. But enough chit-chat, you have been warned, spoilers ahead, continue at your own risk. And I’m sorry for putting together such a spoilery list.

It’s purely a coincidence but all my picks for this week are one word titles, and I thought it was funny so I’m pointing it out here for no particular reason other than to point it out.

1. LOGAN, 2017

I doubt there’s anyone left on this planet who hasn’t seen Logan but plans to.. like, if you would have wanted to see it, you would have seen it. So it would be no surprise to you that Logan features one of the most epic clone moments in recent years (some would argue the best ever). The tension, the emotion, the lack of emotion, the contradicting stand off between the past and the present – the meaningfulness behind it all. It’s great, it’s well done and it’s just really really really good.

2. ENEMY, 2013

This being the pick I’m not afraid to flaunt due to the summary clearly stating the obvious – our main protagonist discovers he has a dopplegänger. Enemy is well put together, it’s an interesting take on the human nature and it’s stunning throughout. There’s also the added bonus of weird ass symbolism throughout the movie which will leave you guessing even long after you’ve seen it. Also, it demands to be watched again and again. Plus, it has Jake Gyllenhaal and he does what he does best, portrays two roles brilliantly while wearing a badass beard!

3. MOON, 2009

Last but not least, Moon, my precious I discovered too late in life because we could have had so many wonderful years together already. Anyway, this is clearly one of those movies that one needs to dive into without knowing anything because that’s what I did and I was floored. I knew nothing of its plot nor its clone-situation, which is why it was surprising to me and the reason I though the trailer didn’t do the movie any justice. Going in completely unaware was the best experience I could have wished for. Also, Sam Rockwell now definitely has a special place in my heart and Moon has something to do with it.



  • Thank you so much for including Logan I was looking at others’ choices and starting to lose faith in humanity there 😛 And yey Enemy!

    • Haven’t had the chance to read what others have recommended but surprised to hear that Logan wasn’t included, like, isn’t it the first one you think of? Well, you think of it all the time, but I mean, even if you didn’t, you’d think of it.. I’m making no sense here but you get it. 😀

      • Logan and The Prestige are the ones that immediately came to mind 🙂 If I did those I’d also include X-Men where he briefly fights Mystique who looks like him for boo-k-trifecta 😛

  • I’m one of those people who has intentions of seeing Logan but hasn’t gotten there yet. I think it’s because I rather X-Men’d out but I love Hugh Jackman so one of these days.

    Moon was a nice surprise when I sought it out after seeing Source Code. I’m a big Sam Rockwell fan so knew he’d give a good performance but it really is one of his best.

    I thought Jake was very accomplished in Enemy but I didn’t like the film at all. I appreciate that he seeks out unusual projects but he went through a rough patch for me with Prisoners, Nightcrawler and Enemy where I simply hated his films.

    I went with something more current, a favorite comedy from a few years back and a fascinating war film based on fact.

    The Devil’s Double (2011)-During Saddam Hussein’s iron fisted reign in Bagdad Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper), a lieutenant in the Iraqi army, is called to the palace and told that because of his resemblance to Hussein’s depraved son Uday (also Cooper) he is commanded to be his body double or his family will be exterminated. Having no choice but sickened by the corruption, inhumanity and evil he witnesses he searches for a way to escape and save his family at the same time. This is Cooper’s movie all the way and he’s just great but it’s a hard film to watch.

    Dave (1993)-Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) is an affable Midwesterner, running a temp agency and making appearances at small events due to his resemblance to the current US president, Bill Mitchell (also Kline). The Secret Service takes note of the similarity whisking Dave off to the capitol as a stand-in for Mitchell at an event. While there an emergency arises, Bill Mitchell has suffered a devastating stroke and his power mad aide Bob Alexander (Frank Langella-oozing slime) and press secretary Alan (Kevin Dunn) talk Dave into assuming his place theoretically for the good of the country. Actually Alexander is seeking to usurp the political reins until he can figure out how to take full control. At first the subterfuge is known only by the two and a dutiful Secret Service agent Duane Stevenson (Ving Rhames) but as Dave starts to rebel against their treachery and display his very different personality First Lady Ellen Mitchell (Signourney Weaver) begins to suspect. There’s plenty more machinations in store all delightfully directed by Ivan Reitman and put over by exactly the right performer in each role. Thoroughly beguiling comedy with a perfect cast.

    I Was Monty’s Double (1958)-A retelling of the true event where an enlisted man, M. E. Clifton James (who plays himself) was chosen to imitate Field Marshal Montgomery–the leader of the British forces during WWII. The plan (Operation Copperhead) was to have Monty’s double go on a tour of North Africa around the same time as the Normandy invasion in Northern France–so that the Germans would assume the assault would come later than actually planned and from the South. The film is about the formation and execution of the ultra-top secret plan but while it treats the subject seriously it leavens the situation with a much needed humorous undertone aided by a terrific British cast including John Mills and Cecil Parker.

    • It’s funny, those three movies are the ones I really love from Jake, except maybe Prisoners which I thought was alright but the other two, one of my favourites for sure!

  • No complaints from me on these picks. I love all three movies. Thankfully, I was able to go into Moon blind without having seen the trailer so I knew nothing other than it took place on the moon. It blew me away, as well. And Logan, yeah, great film.

    • That’s lucky! I also didn’t know anything about Moon and it was amazing, that moment he saw himself, that was a complete shock – that’s what it should have been for everyone else as well, but stupid trailers are stupid.

  • You will hate this…or sigh…but I have not seen Logan yet but plan to. Moon sounds excellent and I want to see this as well as Enemy.

    • It’s okay… kinda. I hope you do see Logan soon but coming from a person who saw it twice on a big screen, there’s no reliving that moment in the theater where you are among so many others, enjoying such an amazing movie.

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