Childhood. The time of carefree days spent indoors, outdoors, sometimes in school, sometimes ditching school. I mean those were the good times! And what did I do? I watched a lot of movies. Most importantly, I watched a lot of movies! Here are three of my childhood favourites, in no particular order!

1. THE LION KING (1994)

The first and most obvious pick is The Lion King. A movie I watched A LOT as a kid! This was my tear-fest go-to, and if I tried hard, I could probably shed a few tears for it now too. But I also remember the joy it brought me. In other words, I think none of us 90’s kids will have missed this one and I’m proud to call it my childhood favourite.

2. TURNER & HOOCH (1989)

For some reason, a movie about a police officer who adopts a victim’s dog, speaks to me. At first, they do not get a long, but soon, the love between a man and his dog blooms! This was a movie that my childhood didn’t really depend on but it always comes to mind when I think back to my early teenage years now.

3. BRING IT ON (2000)

Cheerleaders… I didn’t encounter any of them during my school years because we don’t do that here in Estonia, but I sure watched Bring It On a lot. Something about the cheerfulness as well as bad-ass’ness spoke to me. And how can you not list a movie as your childhood favourite if you can quote at least three scenes by heart. Spirit fingers all the way! All the way!




    • How can that be? Man. But I mean, the live action version is coming so.. we’ll see who we will be rooting this time around!

  • The Lion King is a classic although I didn’t see it when it came out as I was about to discover that carnage that was Reservoir Dogs. I would see it years later and it’s a great film. I have seen Turner and Hooch in the theaters with my parents and sisters as it’s just a joyful film. Bring It On I remember taking my younger sister to see it as she was a cheerleader and forced me to see it. It’s alright although I was offended at the time by its portrayal of punk but nowadays, I’m just like “just typical punk-pop music” as I just see it as music and I prefer to believe punk rock died in 1991 when Motley Crue did a cover of “Anarchy in the U.K.”

    • Ooh, I find it so awesome that so many of my readers have seen so many of my favourites in the cinema. I wish I saw them there too but I was mostly too young. 🙁

  • Bring it On is so fun. I actually have their cheer music on my iTunes because I had burned them on a CD years ago. That was my jam. Lion King is always amazing, I just watched that again the other day.

  • I’ve never sat down and watched The Lion King from start to finish but I’m sure I’ve seen it in bits from my nieces and nephews watching. It never engaged me but then I’m not an animation fan.

    I love that Turner & Hooch is one of your choices, I never would have expected to see it turn up as a childhood fave. Thanks to Tom Hanks it’s pleasant enough but I’ve never been overly fond of it.

    As cheerleading movies go I usually default to Fired Up! but I know Bring It On is considered the gold standard. It’s silly fun.

    I went with three that I watched when I was tiny and my folks have control of the TV but that I love to this day.

    Papa’s Delicate Condition (1963)-Based on silent film star Corinne Griffith’s memoir of her small town childhood with her brash, tippling father (Jackie Gleason) and aggrieved mother (Glynis Johns) who while frustrated with her feckless husband and the troubles he causes when he’s in his cups still loves him very much. Homey and sweet film introduced the song “Call Me Irresponsible” which won the Oscar.

    Mary Poppins (1964)-Practically perfect in every way nanny appears on the doorstep of the staid but colorful Banks residence one day and nothing is ever the same again. Julie Andrews IS perfect as Miss Poppins, the songs are wonderful as is the rest of the cast including Dick Van Dyke (terrible Cockney accent and all), a delightfully addled Glynis Johns again and Oscar winner Jane Darwell in her last film appearance as the Bird Woman.

    Angel in My Pocket (1969)-Minister Sam Whitehead (Andy Griffith) arrives at his new post in the small town of Wood Falls, Kansas with his wife Mary Elizabeth (Lee Meriwether), kids, mother-in-law Racine (Kay Medford) and trouble making brother-in-law Bubba (Jerry Van Dyke) hoping to lead his flock in a peaceful fashion. Instead he finds himself smack dab in the middle of a feud between the families of Mayor Will Sinclair (Henry Jones) and his rival Axel Gresham (Edgar Buchanan). While he tries to deal with that unbeknownst to all Bubba (Jerry Van Dyke) turns the church boiler into an alcohol still leading to another set of problems. As things come to a head and Sam fears he is losing his faith something happens that leads to a happy conclusion. Homespun and comfy movie with Griffith adding just the right blend of warmth and gravity to the lead.

    • Fired Up! Ha!!! OMG. That one is my guilty pleasure movie for sure. “We are crashing, we we are crashing!”

  • Oops to the person above me…gobble crap I say…anyhoo, I saw The Lion King in the theatre…when I was 30…hahahaaa. I loved it and found it typical Disney…an animal dies. It’s quite good and I’m looking forward to the live film version. Turner and Hooch I saw on tv and it is funny but sad. I haven’t seen your last picture…not much into cheerleaders

    • Stupid spammers, ever since I’ve got myself my own domain, I have to remove these spammers myself!

      I wish I had seen The Lion King in the cinema but I probably wasn’t very keen on sitting still when I was 5 yo. 😀

  • I need to revisit Bring it On. That’s a ‘back in the day’ film for me, part of the teenagedom memories. Also love Turner and Hooch, even though its actually really ssad from Hooch’s POV. Also, The Lion King, what a film.

  • Great picks! I remember everyone quoting the shit out of The Lion King…. when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.

    I only saw Turner & Hooch once, in the theater, alone, but I remember liking it. Tom Hanks is so great in everything.

    Bring it On? Watched that one in college. Had a huge crush on Dunst and Dushku…and then ended up marrying a cheerleader. Hopefully… that was a coincidence….

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