Thursday Movie Picks

I went to bed last night and got a weird idea to dedicate this week’s Thursday Movie Picks to Jim Carrey. There’s no actual reason, I just thought about characters making a new start and had this crazy thought! Carrey has portrayed so many men, who found themselves changed through something unnatural or supernatural. Here are four movies, where Carrey’s character makes a new start because of something strange.

1. THE MASK (1994)

Carrey portrays a bank clerk, who finds a mysterious mask of Loki and by wearing it, he becomes completely nuts. And yes, the movie is as crazy as it sounds. I also used to be afraid of this movie. Terrified actually. But what better way to match the theme for this week? We have a very timid man, who starts a new chapter in his life… by wearing a green mask, which allows him to swallow explosive devices and pick up hot women like Cameron Diaz. If that’s not a new start, I don’t know what is.

2. LIAR LIAR (1997)

We have another unnatural plot with a lawyer loosing his ability to lie for 24 hours due to his son’s birthday wish. Carrey is his usual self, funny and physically hilarious in Liar Liar, and it is one of those important life lesson movies. His character’s life is completely changed in an instant, and in return, the experience changes him.


Though Truman Show showed Carrey’s ability to be also a good dramatic actor, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind completely changed him. Here we have a man, who decides to erase his ex-girlfriend from his memory. He is creating a new start for himself. Or at least he tries to, he really does. This is definitely one of my favourite Jim Carrey roles, if not the favourite, because it’s impossible to recognise him without his comedic persona.

4. YES MAN (2008)

A year later Carrey returned to his roots of comedy, and took on a role of a man, who decides to say “yes” to everything for a whole year. Again, making a new start by creating new opportunities and experiences through being open minded. And you guessed it, there’s another life lesson to be learned in Yes Man. It’s as obvious as it seems, but we should all try to say “yes” more often.