Despite this weeks theme being probably one of my favourites, I felt especially uninspired. For some reason I couldn’t think of three bookish movies that I like. There are definitely more but I feel like I would need to go more scene by scene for that to happen. Many characters being bookish, reading books and just having a bookish demeanour. But in a movie that’s not necessarily bookish itself. Anyway I did end up with three, one of which is mediocre in my eyes.

3. ON THE ROAD (2012)

With the first of my picks I feel a little less inspired. I remember this one well though, since I just recently watched it. It’s based on Jack Kerouac’s book and follows Sal who is writing his book. It’s definitely good in terms of showing how this particular book got to be. I guess, I haven’t read the book myself. Anyway, Sam Riley’s Sal is kinda cute here and the movie is sort of bookish. They do talk about books at times. And poetry. The writing aspect of this movie also works and the idea is good.


Have I ever mentioned this? I guess I haven’t even though I don’t necessarily have anything bad to say about it. Is it a masterpiece, no, is it bookish, yes. Secret Window stars Johnny Depp as a writer. I can’t remember the specifics but it is a thriller and I remember he was in a cabin. Was there drinking? Was there some sort of strange things happening? Might have been. I can’t remember but I do remember that I liked it. Or at least enjoyed it as much as I could. Ah, and the main character is writing a book of course.


Ending it with my favourite since this list can’t stay mediocre. Finding Forrester is one of those movies that glides slowly  but still keeps you invested. It has Sean Connery’s second to last performance and it’s Rob Brown’s debut movie. Almost fitting how it all came to be. Anyway, it’s about writing. It talks about writing, it revolves around writing. Though Brown’s character is not necessarily writing a book, he is becoming a writer. And Connery’s character has written a novel way back when and well, is teaching the kid. It’s really a good character movie. I never get tired of it.




  • I’ve seen bits of the first but never a proper front to back watch. Someday.
    I wish Sean had stopped with Finding Forrester rather than that awful last film he did. I didn’t completely love the movie but it was a good one.
    Haven’t and probably won’t see Secret Window.

    I’m having computer issues this week so while I have three I’m relying on the google synopsis for clarity.

    The Book Club (2018)-Four friends’ (Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen) lives are turned upside down when their book club tackles the infamous “50 Shades of Grey.” From discovering new romance to rekindling old flames, they inspire each other to make their next chapter the best chapter.

    The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)-Quirky dog-lover Jocelyn and many-time married Bernadette decide to start a book club exclusively dedicated to Jane Austen, primarily to help distract their friend Sylvia from the fact that her husband has just dumped her. Frustrated French teacher Prudie, Sylvia’s daughter Allegra and sci-fi fan Grigg join up as well.

    The Pillow Book (1996)-Nagito has a fetish for calligraphy on the human body and meets ideal soul-mate Jerome, an English translator sent to Japan. However, once Nagiko’s father’s gay publisher rejoins the scene, the story is overtaken by treachery and bloodlust.

  • I only watched Secret Window for the first time this year, I’m not sure how I avoided it for so long! Really enjoyed it though. I haven’t seen your other picks!

  • Secret Window is actually quite good and I was surprised by the ending. I did like Finding Forrester but can’t remember the details but I know I enjoyed it. I haven’t seen your first pick.

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