There was an idea to make this into a theme within a theme post but as I discovered, I haven’t seen many movies with bad parents. I’m sure there are some my mind has blanked on, but here are three that I could think of. And they are all different types of bad parenting.

1. I, TONYA (2017)

Pushing your children towards greatness is good, up until it’s not. In I, Tonya, the relationship between mother and daughter becomes almost toxic because of their combined ambition. Figure skating means a lot to them, but they have too strong personalities to ever work together. While the performances are on point by both Robbie and Janney, the scene stealer in this one is actually Paul Walter Hauser.

2. BLOCKERS (2018)

Saw this comedy in theatres and was actually surprised by it. It’s not the best comedy out there, and it doesn’t really wow with sophistication but it’s fun! And in the centre of the movie are three parents, who all have their flaws. They aren’t necessarily bad parents, but they make mistakes. As we all do! But there are some lines you should never cross. Like literally trying to clock block your daughter and going the extra mile by jugging beer into your butthole.

3. STARRED UP (2013)

Probably the darkest movie on the list, Starred Up tells a story of estranged son and father. Both end up in the same prison, and their clashing relationship starts stirring up trouble. While I don’t remember much about the film, it seemed fitting to this week’s theme. Plus, you can never go wrong with Ben Mandelsohn! Every time I’ve seen him, he has been delivering a good performance!




  • Welp, I have only seen one of these…Blockers, but I can attest to bad parenting on a personal level at least.

    Anywho, very interested in that last one. Sounds promising. And who doesn’t love Ben Ban Whatshisface? I’m sorry. I’m a terrible person. Much like Tonya’s mom, I’m assuming.

    • Hah, yes, I would recommend it but it’s . shame these good and serious films leave my mind plot wise, yet Blockers is still in my brain like I saw it yesterday.
      You’re not so bad by the way! 😀

  • I’ve only seen I, Tonya which was intense but ultimately decent. Janney’s character is such a nightmare of a person I think she would have been a terrible parent even if her child hadn’t had a gift. But then all the characters were awful people. I’ve heard of Starred Up but not Blockers.

    Bad parents in film are plentiful which made picking this week rather easy.

    The Manchurian Candidate (1962)-At the Korean War’s conclusion a group of American prisoners return home including Captain Marco (Frank Sinatra) and Sergeant Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) who though thoroughly disliked by the men is hailed by them as a hero for vague reasons. Upon his arrival Raymond is met by his mother Eleanor Iselin (a mesmerizing Angela Lansbury) a political dragon and completely soulless monster who has internecine plans and has had Raymond brainwashed as an unknowing assassin to accomplish them. Marco senses something foul is afoot and tries to intervene before it’s too late.

    The Anniversary (1968)-Though widowed a decade ago Mrs. Taggart (Bette Davis) insists on her three sons and their families commemorating the event at the family mansion where she proceeds to shred their self-worth by taunting them with secrets she has discovered and savagely holds over them to hold them in her thrall. Bette as the one eyed Mrs. Taggart (she has designer eyepatches in colors matching her outfits!) has a whale of a time raising hell and chewing scenery right and left.

    Matilda (1996)-Adaptation of Roald Dahl story of Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson), a brilliant young girl plagued by her crude, coarse often vicious father (Danny DeVito) and mother (Rhea Perlman). On top of that Matilda is also tormented by Agatha Trunchbull (Pam Ferris), the evil principal of her school, a terrifyingly strict bully. When Matilda realizes she has telekinetic powers the tables turn and she begins to defend her friends from Trunchbull’s wrath and fight back against her unkind parents.

    • Matilda has been a popular movie this week, I hardly remember the whole movie but I’ve seen it many times. Quite gutted that I didn’t remember to recommend it this week. 🙁

  • I have not seen any of these but I want to see I Tonya even though i can’t stand the gal. The beer in the butthole sounds…icky

    • You should watch I, Tonya, if not for her performance, others are worth your time too! It was, and I can’t get it out of my head! 😀

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