It’s an ironic week for me because I’ve technically done this theme as a cheat. You see, when we were supposed to list non-English shows last year, I had not seen many, so I opted for adaptations from non-English shows. See what I did there? Well, you can check that one out here, and see how I rocked this week with another FOUR recommendations.

1. THE GOOD DOCTOR (2017-…)

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that The Good Doctor is based on an award-winning South Korean show of the same name! But here we are talking about it. And good thing too, because I only now realised it’s back and I haven’t watched it yet. I actually am pretty okay with this series. It does have it’s weaknesses, and it seems completely ridiculous but it’s just so entertaining to watch. Maybe it’s House MD nostalgia acting up because these two shows are very similar at their core – and in a good ay apparently.

2. HOMELAND (2011-…)

It’s still going on? Okay, I did not know that, interesting. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about it… other than the fact that I feel like very few shows can go on past season 5 without sizzling out. That being said, Homeland is a strong show for at least its first season. It has a very nice plot, it’s thrilling and it’s just the right amount of drama. Past that, I don’t really remember because I lost interest in it. But that first season guys, worth your time! It’s based on an Israeli show called Prisoners of War.

3. JANE THE VIRGIN (2014-…)

A show that is based on a Venezuelan telenovela called Juana la Virgen. It will embark on its fifth and final season soon, and here I am, still watching its first? No, second? Who knows anymore. But that’s not the point, because even though I’m very behind at this point, I still like it! It’s just that I haven’t gotten into the right mood yet, and that’s this show’s biggest flaw – it demands a certain mood from me. So it’s a very subjective problem, meaning, it’s really good, watch it.

4. NO TOMORROW (2016-2017)

How dare they give me only one season of this magic? There are a few shows every two years that get my attention, and then they are taken from me. No Tomorrow, which is based on a Brazilian show How to Enjoy the End of the World, is a fun and quirky show. Yes, it is completely weird and different, but that’s what makes it work. Too bad it only seemed to work on few, which means, we weren’t enough to save this one.




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