Looking back at 2019 releases and picking three recommendations (as I usually do) is very difficult. There could be multiple themes within a theme I could go with but I would still need to make a difficult choice. So I’m making it super easy for myself by picking a specific genre and its three (not less nor more) 2019 releases I saw – documentaries.


This was an April release but I saw it right before the end of the year (shame on me). Being a fan of Trixie aka Brian Firkus for a while now, I was excited to finally see this and it didn’t disappoint. While not maybe the most grounded documentary, with less about a central idea, and more about sharing the journey, Moving Parts shows us the backstage of drag. I can understand that this isn’t best for those who have no idea who Trixie is or what she is all about but it’s still an interesting experience. But for those who have been following RuPaul’s Drag Race will find this to be a delightful snack for sure.


Next two up are sports documentaries and both have a very special meaning to me. First, The Longest Wave which is about Robby Naish, a windsurfer and a 24-time world champion. You may think, oh wait, what special meaning could this one have? Glad you asked. I happened to get a chance to interview Naish for work and it was a special experience for sure. It was not my first phone interview but it was definitely my first interview with somebody who is well-known in their field. The interview went well and everyone involved thought I was a professional journalist. Fake it until you make it I guess! The Longest Wave is in an essence a documentary that gives you a deep understanding of this man who has spent most of his life in water. It’s directed by Joe Berlinger who also directed Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.


Finally, it’s time to spread some love for another Estonian movie that really blew me away. This is a documentary about our rally driver Ott Tänak. This was released early 2019, during a year he went on won six overall rallies and was crowned the world champion. Ott Tänak the Movie is an emotional documentary because his road to the top has not been easy. I’ll admit, I cried during this. Part of it is because I’ve been following WRC for a while now and I’m invested. Another part is that this documentary isn’t afraid to show the failures. And you can feel how these failures affected not just Ott himself but also his co-driver Martin Järveoja. Anyway, it’s available online to watch for 5,90€ HERE if anyone else follows WRC and is curious (not an ad btw).




    • Ah thanks! I tried to go with something that nobody else saw.. I hope I achieved this. 😀 Do let me know if you end up watching any of these. 😉

  • Ooooh I love that you highlighted docs that are under the radar. I’m curious to see The Longest Wave and Ott Tänak The Movie. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Yeah, I figured these were not going to mentioned by anyone else! 😀 I’m curious to see if you’ll like Ott Tänak The Movie. Not sure if you’re a fan of WRC but if now, I’m curious how it translates to those who are not rally fans. 🙂

  • I heard about the Longest Wave but not the other 2 and I would like to see the Drag Queen Movie because I love that world and love to learn more. I am not much into sports but I am attracted to the human side. One documentary I saw last year that left me in awe, tears and it should be shown in schools is called “They Shall Not Grow Old.” Peter Jackson took the silent film from WW1 and restored the film, placed it in colour, changed the timing so we see it how it is meant to be seen. He added men who fought in the war while you watched what is happening and he even got lip readers to find out what some were saying and have voice overs. Powerful is the word for this film.

    • I’ve heard of that one!!! Yes.. I want to see it. I forgot about this, I think I stumbled on a video that showed how they made it and never wrote the movie down. Thanks for reminding me!

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