Eric from The Movie Waffler asked me to be a part of a blogathon and since I had never had the pleasure of getting that kind of an offer I said no. Just kidding, of course I was up for it and since The Year I Made Contact is all about the movies released during the year you were born I was extremely excited because 1989 seemed to be a great year for movies (as are all the others). As I am fairly new to blogathons I probably got way too enthusiastic about my little task and kept writing down movies (obviously with the little help of IMDb) and finally ended up with FOUR lists of top 5. Good thing about this post is that nobody is forced to go through all of my ramblings but you can always accept the challenge of reading it all!

So let’s get cracking!

1. Back to the Future II 2. Look Who’s Talking 3. Turner & Hooch 4. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 5. Lethal Weapon 2

AWW-factor list includes all the movies I remember from my childhood. They might not be the best, they may not have been as influential as some other movies but they created memories. List has movies I still watch when I feel nostalgic (1-2), movie that still makes me cry even though I know it has a happy ending (3), movie that I remember better than high school math (4) and a movie that I thought suited this list perfectly because it reminded me what comedy used to be (5).

1. Batman 2. Back to the Future II 3. Dead Poets Society
4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 5. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Love

WOW-factor list includes all the movies from 1989 that every person should at least encounter once in their life time (my personal opinion). I found it interesting that one of the movies probably gave a slight push for my likeness towards its director (1). As I ponder over the fact that Burton has sold himself short over the couple of years, going from art that describes him as unique to movies that are meant to make a lot of money, I still think he has a little piece of my heart and I would like to think that it all started with Batman. List continues with a memory that was already mentioned in the first list (2), Back to the Future II serves as a great beginning for my sci-fi love. Although there are no aliens, no supernatural creators or mysterious plot lines about multiple universes, the trilogy of traveling through time with a pimped car shows how fun sci-fi actually was and still can be. The wow-factor list is quite diverse when it continues with a drama (3) that showed how Williams can portray characters who make you laugh as well as give you something to think about. A bit of an easier choice would be an adventure (4) that gave me a thirst for mystery. Since it has the ex-Bond Sean Connery in the mix, I see no reason why this movie shouldn’t be in this column. Same goes for the movie that has another veteran who I love (5), Mirren was not only great then but is still one of the most interesting actresses of the present time.

1. When Harry Met Sally 2. The Abyss 3. Say Anything
4. Do the Right Thing 5. Driving Miss Daisy

HUH-factor list is more or less a list of movies I need to watch A.S.A.P! I have no idea how some of the movies have simply walked right past me although I’ve heard about them, thought about watching them and all other things related to them (1,3). Some movies I have a different kind of situation going on, I simply can’t recall if I have seen them or not because they kind of look familiar somehow but I was probably too young to fully grasp their meaning (2,5). Quite certain that I have been a bad movie person if I have skipped one of these movies (4) because I haven’t even heard of it before but I mean, I have a great excuse, I was four months old when it was released. This list just proves that there were a lot of good movies and many worth mentioning, that’s why I had to make so many top 5’s and this is not the last one!

To finish off the year 1989 is the WTF-factor list and this is simply a list with movies that had titles that made me literally speechless or gasping for air while I was laughing. And no, I did not make these titles up, they are actual movie titles (or translated into English) and while they seem to be awful movies they have really awesome titles!

1. How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired
2. Over-Sexed Rugsuckers from Mars
3. Real Men Don’t Eat Gummi Bears 4. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death 5. Wet Pets in Prison

PS: Since Saturday is a special day (it follows the infamous Friday Rebecca Black was singing about) I was thinking about making it into a Saturday Special day which means I’ll be posting all kinds of posts similar to this one. If any thoughts about what you guys want to see next Saturday come to your mind, leave it in the comments. That’s an order! No, just kidding, but I would appreciate it a lot.


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