Time to put that brain of mine to some good use while coming up with solid answers for this awesome blogathon My Filmviews has come up with! The Five Senses Blogathon, as it is evident from its title, is all about getting up and personal with your bodily sensations and everything movie related that associates to them. And trust me, it isn’t as easy as it sounds when you start thinking about movies and touching…


With movies, visual side of them is everything. From angles to lighting, from focus to camera movement. We see movies, we watch them and so, the sensation of sight is important in every aspect. But to steer away from the obvious, I chose a movie set as the best part of the visual experience a movie has to offer. Being part of few minor school project productions, the sight of people working to bring something on screen is amazing and there’s nothing more exhilarating!


This was the easiest and probably the cheesiest – the intro sounds of movie production companies. Warner Brothers to Universal, 20 Century Fox to Paramount, you’ve heard these sounds since you’ve been in the womb and those are the best sounds in the world. Just the drum-dru-dru-dru-druuu-druuu-druuuuum (god knows what specific intro I was trying to convey into words but you get the idea) and you just can’t wait for what is about to follow!


Popcorn? Nah. Chocolate? Nah. Let’s just go with tears! That’s right, what a weird little person I am to choose the taste of salty tears over popcorn and chocolate but hey, food might comfort me but tears help it make it better. I’ve cried through so many movies, some I’ve watched more than 5 times and still I’ve cried. I was 23 when I watched The Lion King again and I still cried like a baby. And tears man, tears are a sign of a great movie.. a sad movie but a great one.


Can’t really pinpoint the exact age when I got my leather beanbag but man, do I remember the hours I spent in that comfortable ball, watching movies and Friends and movies and Friends! Those were, without a doubt, the most wonderful times I’ve ever had sitting on the floor while not actually sitting on the floor. And now as I’m old and my sitting on the floor days are almost over, I’d do anything to sit in that leather beanbag and watch Friends.


of SHAME! No, I’m joking but not really because I mean literally the motion of your own hand when you are ashamed of what is happening on screen. Like, you’re hiding behind your own hand(s), shaking your head and thinking to yourself – oh, please no, no, no.. I like when I do that, automatically cover my eyes and pray that the movie isn’t as ridiculous as I think it is, just when it gets to the part where it becomes that ridiculous. Or when you’re scared, that counts too!


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