Not only have I published a pretty consistent list of reviews in the past week (do I get a prize?), I have also stayed in a more serious side of things. And while I enjoy watching a huge amount of more serious movies, I also like to switch myself off sometimes and put on a lighter plot. What it actually does, is make me mad because lighter tends to go naive in just a blink of an eye and I blink regularly so – naive is all I get. So imagine my face when The Decoy Bride was finished and all the appreciation I had for David Tennant seemed to be tiptoeing itself out of my mind, or better yet, don’t imagine my face, it looks so unattractive when I’m disappointed.

Every time I put on a romantic comedy I seem to forget the fact that the emotion I get mirrors the actual happy ending the movie has with some exceptions  (Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love – Emma Stone, basically). The genre itself is immensely popular in my movie history and I’ve done a large amount of negative reviews on several rom-coms  back when I didn’t really know how to write. What I did know in the past and what I still know, is that romantic comedies are 99% of the time annoying, naive and I will end up hating them. What I haven’t learned from the past and still can’t seem to is to stay away from them! That’s it, I’m putting rom-coms into my life column of “stupid things I do and never learn from” and continue on with, what this post is supposed to be, a review on The Decoy Bride.

This is a story about a small town girl (Kelly Macdonald) who accidentally marries a writer (David Tennant) who is supposed to put a ring on to a Hollywood starlet (Alice Eve) who is stalked by this paparazzi guy who actually loves her and they live happily ever after, oh, and the small town girl and the writer too. Funny things happen, it rains a lot and what seems to be, a lot of wedding dress. Overall, happy ending and I disliked it for its very badly started plot line – accidentally marries a man who is supposed to marry another girl? Give me a break.

And now on with a totally new story, I thought about moving the Saturday Special to a different day, which would eventually mean that it won’t be called Saturday. I have a feeling that since weekends mean low traffic it makes no sense having a special post on such a day. Any suggestions, what is the day that usually gets the most views and still, what special things you might want to know?

Image from That Film Guy.

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