The ConjuringWho would have guessed I would be watching, and actually liking, despite the constant state of fear, The Conjuring!? Not me, because that last time I watched a horror movie alone at home, I didn’t.

The last time I watched a horror movie was so long ago that it could have been years and years ago – that’s how unfamiliar I am with the horror genre. But even I have my moments of weakness, and one night, I thought, why the hell not? So I found the little bit of courage I had left, and watched The Conjuring, or should I say, I watched as much as I was able to see through my fingers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I saw the majority of the movie, and since I didn’t mute it, I heard it all. It’s just, I find it impossible not to hide behind my hands when something scary is about to happen. It’s a physical reaction I’m so accustomed to, that I’m unable to stop it, and I don’t really want to. I made one mistake while watching The Conjuring when I decided that I was not going to hide behind my hands this time, and guess what? I had the biggest jump scare ever, and my heart kept racing even when the movie had ended.

But enough about my inability to handle horror movies, let’s discuss The Conjuring – a horror movie, that at its core, is not so much about the jump scares, but about the human relationships. In the center of the story, we have a family that moves into a house where things aren’t exactly homey. So the mother seeks out help from a married couple Lorraine and Ed Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson). And when Lorraine and Ed arrive at the house both sense a presence, and they decide to help the family out with their horrific situation.

The strength of the movie, like I already stated, was the human relationships, and especially one between Lorraine and Ed. Farmiga and Wilson have great chemistry on screen, and it wasn’t difficult to believe in their love. It’s also great to see a different view on supernatural detectives, and after a decade of Winchester brothers, I’m thrilled to see a pair that is a little different and a bit more interesting to watch.

Though I was super excited about The Conjuring after I saw it, I’m writing this review after watching the sequel, and I got to be honest, I’m a bigger fan of the second movie. Sure, the first movie was great on its own, but there’s just something about the plot that drags it a little down for me. It wasn’t as multi-dimensional as I would have liked, it was simple but in a way, a perfect opening for The Conjuring series. Simple, scary and right to the feels.


  • Glad you liked it. For me it had a really cool Old School flavor to it. I love the two lead performances as well. Big fan of this one.

  • Glad you liked it! I was a fan of the fact that more credence was given to the atmosphere as opposed to some monster, but I did learn when I tried to watch it again that this movie has a zero on the rewatchability scale – loved it the first time, found it terribly boring the second time. Looking forward to seeing the second one, too, at some stage. Did you see it in cinema? Behind your hands at times? Please, please say you did! šŸ˜›

    • I saw it in the cinema indeed, and I had my hands on my face most of the time! It was.. oh well, it was an interesting experience to say at least. But I would not watch the first one again as well, I think. I would watch the second one I think, I just liked it a lot better and I can’t really put my finger on it why! That’s why I haven’t been able to write a review about it yet.. Hope I will this week though!

  • Nice review! Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the Conjuring. I didn’t think it was very scary and was a little boring. Wilson and Fermiga are wonderful though, and they look great sequel.

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