Haven’t done any TV-show posts in a long time and I don’t really know why, so I’d thought I’d give the latest Teen Wolf season a go since it just ended but sadly in a not so surprising way. Of course it had its moments of pure awesomeness, mostly produced by the very charismatic Dylan O’Brien (get ready, I’m gonna praise him a lot – yes, I’m a fan!) who also has a high level of comedic abilities but the finale wasn’t as great as the season two had set it up to be.

When 2011 summer came I felt very bored and that resulted in new shows and luckily MTV had stepped up their game. I seriously feel like Teen Wolf is a step forward for that specific station, I mean, The CW could probably do it a lot better with all those Teen Wolf CGI elements looking a bit rough and lets face it, low budget, but in the context of MTV the show is pretty decent. Besides, what lacks in the computer department is all gained back in the writing part of the series. I’m not going to say that it is the best and funniest show out there, probably not because the season 2 finale left me a bit confused. Not because I didn’t understand everything but because it felt like the main writer gave his job to the other writer – it was rushed and a lot of things were put in just for the dramatic flair and things weren’t smooth. A bad guy returns and all of a sudden he is made into a good guy and he gets the punch lines as well? I mean, season 2 had some of the best things I’ve seen in a long time, up until the final two episodes which were just awful but still, Teen Wolf has my attention for the next season as well.

I find it ironic how the character/actor I like the most is out of the entire cast has the least experience – Dylan O’Brien before Teen Wolf did mostly Youtube videos which are pretty funny actually.

Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O’Brien. O’Brien is by far my favorite of the entire series because his character Stiles is effortless in his role which pretty much seems to be like Dylan is in real life. Others are pretty okay considering their young age, I especially like Crystal Reed and Holland Roden who do look very convincing. Unlike Colton Haynes who has his moments but mostly just looks weird but I guess being half naked/naked all the time might feel weird even for a hot guy. I liked Haynes in season 1 though, maybe my dislike came from the plot of season two which might go away in the next season. All that taken into a fact that his character Jackson was made into the bad guy this season, kind of, I still feel like he didn’t quite pull off the evil. It might be because he tried way too hard to be evil but yet again, it suited the character and the story of the Kanima but this is just me trying to find excuses for some of the weaknesses in this show I like. I would love it actually but the finale just messed that up.

Maybe I’m just being evil and unfair to the finale of season 2 but those who saw it can maybe back me up on the matter. It felt like a lot of the characters were altered, one of which I kind of liked from the beginning just became friends with Scott all of a sudden. Not a big deal in a long run but all those small little things start to bother me when the entire season felt like a coherent build up to the finale and then crumbled down by loosing certain logic and credibility. Still, some plot clarification should be a good idea at this point. Teen Wolf follows the same story it always has (since it is not the first time this story has been told) – a high school student Scott gets bitten by a werewolf and turns into one himself. The first season was all about his fight between Derek and this alfa situation with this Peter guy (who by the way returned and became this good guy in the final episodes – what was that all about) and the second season was focusing on the Kanima. Basically an animal who is not a wolf because of his past and therefore is a lizard instead. Very interesting thing to be honest, making a monster by giving him a back story which involves a broken past. All made sense until the final minutes of the finale where he (the Kanima) was cured by a key – and I was hoping his real name and real identity would be the answer like it was implied but no, it had to be love – how romantic! Well, it wouldn’t bother me that much if the whole step-parents and real parents thing hadn’t come up during the season like a lot of times.

On a more interesting side note, I guess I know why I like this series so much – it is developed and written by the same guy who has done the Criminal Minds. A show I pretty much love because I’m the kind of girl who likes her shows twisted and filled with killers. Mystery of liking Teen Wolf solved!

Second season’s high lights for me personally were all about Stiles and Derek (they have their own fandom called Sterek which evolves some very detailed fantasies about them two because… I don’t really know why). The episode where they visit the gay club was probably the funniest I’ve seen and the fact that the writers feed the fans by giving them Derek and Stile situations that cause smiling is just brilliant. You can’t help not to like Stiles is all I’m trying to say! While everything else is falling apart and bad men are trying to do bad things, while the happy ending should make you cry, there will be Stiles and his comeback line to make you laugh again. By now you should understand that I like that character way too much but it is mostly him I look forward to in Teen Wolf every week anyway so why not hide the truth. Though in the middle of the season the plot turned out to be quite intriguing and worth to anticipate for, I just didn’t see the same type of intelligence happening in the end. I just hope that they solve the matter of the problem in the end of season 3 a little bit better – with more care and applying more logic into the unrealistic world of teenage werewolves.

Looking forward to see what the next season brings next year for sure, a lot is in store for us with that whole alfa-pack coming and all – new characters, new actors and maybe somebody who will give Stiles a run for his humor. Who knows, maybe Teen Wolf can handle another comedic man who makes your day but I doubt it. Stiles is the one and only – and yes, I’m not afraid to sound like a total fangirl even with the knowledge of him being 2 years younger than me because apparently, I like them young and funny and cute like that so deal with it.


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