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So Monday was the big day, I had a big Christmas party at work and the Breaking Emotions Blogathon closed up. To be honest, the blogathon participation was better than I expected but I must have underestimated the commitment of blogging since I myself have somehow fallen into the trap of struggling to find time to write blog posts. That being said, I figured what better way to say farewell to a blogathon than to take part in an Alphabet Movie Meme by Katy from The Drama Lama.

The only thing I had to alter from the original meme was to change the letter N since I don’t have Netflix but other than that, all the themes and questions for each letter of the alphabet were easy to answer. The opposite to the answers were the visuals that always seem to take me ages to create but who am I kidding, I love making the visuals!

Anticipating a movie that comes out in 2014


It is a long wait but it will be worth it, I’m sure of it. Christopher Nolan has yet to disappoint me and since I’ve grown quite fond of Matthew McConaughey AND I’m a huge fan of sci-fi space stuff, Interstellar is going to be epic!

Book adaption I’d Love to See

looking for alaska

Though The Fault in Our Stars movie is well on its way to become one of my 2014 favorites (at least I hope), I can’t help to wonder how John Green’s other novel, Looking For Alaska, would transfer to the screen. I’m sure if The Fault in Our Stars will have success, which it will, the studios will be devouring Green’s other widely loved novel as well.

Celebrity I’d Most Like to Meet

joseph gordon-levitt

I was actually debating weather I should want to meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Quentin Tarantino but since Joe seems somebody who I would have a fun time with, I went with my boy. Though, getting to know Tarantino and his mind would be… I mean, amazing of course but Joe seems like the kind of person who you’d immediatelyΒ  click with.

Dream Director Actor Pairing

jennifer lawrence quentin tarantino

How wonderful would it be to see this IT-girl work with one of the most iconic directors of our time? I mean, can you imagine this movie, because even though I have no idea what it would be about, I can imagine it so clearly.

Essential Classic Film

pulp fiction

For me, it seems fair to call Pulp Fiction a classic because it will soon be a movie that was released 20 years ago and since I’m not very good with the classic classics, though I’ve seen some, I’ll name this as THE one.

Favorite Movie Franchise

harry potter

There are many reasons why I will never name The Hunger Games as my favorite franchise, though I love it a lot, because there will be no better franchise than Harry Potter. Sorry, America, the Brits did it and nobody will ever forget it because most of us, including me, grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Genre I Watch the Most

science fiction

I cheated a bit because I don’t think I watch this genre the most but I do like to think that if I had the choice to watch one genre for the rest of my life, it will be sci-fi. I guess it never gets boring, even with the same movie, it still has appeal and I wish there were more sci-fi movies out there.

Hidden Gem


This is a French movie I saw years ago and still remember the feeling of something because of it. I can’t define it because it was something completely new. It’s a story about a girl who starts pretending to be a boy and this young French actress gave one of the most underrated performances I’ve seen.

Important Moment in My Film Life

mettel ray

My blog has given me a different outlook on movies and as my blog grows, I grow and therefore Mettel Ray is and forever will be, my most important film related moment in my life.

Just Right for a Rainy Day

the holiday

This is my perfect movie for the rainy day and though it is a romantic comedy, I must confess, I can’t get enough of Jude Law and to my own surprise, I even enjoy Jack Black! Yes, The Holiday is a movie that might not be for everybody but it has heart and I especially enjoy Jude Law like I already said.

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy

home alone

Christmas is coming and that makes me think of Home Alone but don’t get me wrong, it’s not the only kid’s movie I still enjoy. If I’d count in the animations, I’m pretty much a kid myself and therefore, just because it’s the holiday season, I’m gonna go with Kevin and his first time being home alone.

Location I’d Most Like to Visit

catching fire arena

I think I’m crazy for picking the place where 99% of people die but hey, I want to see and live the madness that is the arena! Even though I’ll probably die a horrible death or be killed by a fellow competitor (also a horrible death), I’m still interested to see the arena up close and personal.

Marathon I Watched

quentin tarantino

The only ever marathon I have gone through is the one where me and a friend watched five Tarantino movies in a row including Four Rooms where four different directors directed separated stories taking place in the same hotel. I get tired just by thinking about it but I was young and had the energy to stay up the whole night.. not anymore though, I’m past my marathon days.

Native Movie Which I Just Saw


Like I said, I don’t have Netflix so I altered this into a question that is related to nationality and since I saw Tangerines, an Estonian/Georgian movie, just a while ago, I wanted to share my enthusiasm. It was a good movie, surprisingly good considering the simplicity behind it and I recommend it for those who are interested in seeing an Estonian film.

One Movie I Saw in the Theater More Than Once

catching fire

Easy question since Catching Fire is the only movie I’ve seen twice in the theater and twice is the most times I’ve seen one movie in the theater. Yes, I usually don’t watch a movie in the theater more than once but I made an exception for Catching Fire.. don’t judge me.

Preferred Place to Watch a Movie

movie theater

Though I see 80% of movies in the comforts of my own home or flat, I still think the best way to enjoy a movie is in the theater and it probably is going to be an opinion I’m not going to shake off any time soon.

Quote That Inspires Me

Andy Dufresne

… – who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.

Can we just think about that scene and that quote for a minute because though in Andy’s case it was literal, I think that the idea of it is that everybody can overcome obstacles and come out on top. Andy did.. and it was a great moment!

Remake – Friend or Foe

ocean 11

Debatable because I’ve seen remakes that I love like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job (though I haven’t seen the originals), and originals that will never be created better like Carrie (though I’ve not seen the remake). I guess it’s a friendly foe because of it, it is a friend for some and a foe for others..

Snack I Enjoy the Most


Peanut M&M’s hands down and nothing, I mean, nothing will beat this snack! And yes, I have popcorn related ratings but I really don’t eat popcorn that often.. especially in the theater because I find it to be very messy.

Twist That Boggled My Mind


I could go with many twists but the word “boggle” kept me thinking for a while and I decided to go with a very unanswered twist in the end of Inception where we are left questioned weather he is in reality or not. We’ll probably never get an answer but man, doesn’t it bother you because it still bothers me.

Unapologetic Fangirl For

jennifer lawrence

This girl is on fire and there’s a reason for it, she is talented and she is that girl next door person who is friends with everybody because she is that cool. She hangs out with the guys and drinks beer with her girlfriends and she isn’t afraid to act stupid because life’s too short to be serious. I love her!

Very Excited For Award Season?


Last year I made a promise to watch every Best Movie nominee in the Oscars but this year I can’t seem to care.. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but maybe I’ll eventually get into the award season bandwagon but for now, meh!

Wish I Never Watched

the darkest hour

There are many movies I wish I didn’t spend my time on but The Darkest Hour is the movie I spent money on to see in the theater and what a colossal mistake it was! I was literally considering walking out but I struggled through because I paid for it! What an idiot!

Xxx Movie I Watched at a Really Young Age (R or NC-17)

basic instinct

This is yet again me cheating a bit because I can’t actually remember the movie but I can remember seeing it. Does it make sense? I mean, I saw so many movies as a kid with my parents, and since they were into thrillers and dramas, I saw movies I wasn’t meant to see. Basic Instinct was one of them and I think it’s time to see it properly…. as a grown up.

Your Latest Movie-related Obsession

the hobbit

Just watched it and since I’m going to see the second movie tomorrow, I’m considering it an obsession. Though, it is hard for me to be fully obsessed with something, I just like things and love things a lot, my obsession is very subdued.

Zzz-catcher aka a Movie That Put Me to Sleep

the tree of life

I. Finished. IT. But oh how many times I almost closed my eyes and never opened them because, art and innovation aside, what a freaking snooze fest The Tree of Life was!? Seriously, I get modern stuff but this movie was not entertaining for me at all, and for me, movies should entertain.


Man, I love the alphabet and everything related to it.. including this meme!



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